Hear from JVP School of Mystical Arts Graduates!

Sharon Machon, Spiritual Life Coach

Dinavia Sero, Personal Trainer and Spiritual Coach

Gordon Ellison, Spiritual Teacher and Medium

Sandra Ward, Psychic and Medium

This felt like coming home in a very natural way.

“As many others, I have been aware of things since early childhood without knowing what it was. All throe the years I have been helping people in any way I could, and it was never my intention to work professionally as a medium but after teachers, friends and clients constantly pushed me, I finally took the decision. And for some it is imperative to see what kind of education/course you have taken so I decided to find someone that mostly resembled my way of working and after having read several books by James van Praagh, books that felt very close to my heart, I found The JVP School of Mystical Arts and started with the medium certification course.

It felt like coming home, and it all felt so natural. My own knowledge and abilities/strengths were validated and expanded in a very natural way. It has become a daily routine to return here, and I love the idea of a student page.”

Certified Medium, Sweden

I am a very different person from the one who began this journey.

“I’m 3 days away from finishing the 28 days to total transformation course, and I can’t begin to tell you how much it has and is changing my life. I have been waking up early and starting my day with a lesson at 6am, and I’ve not missed a day. Just about EVERY lesson and every exercise makes me cry – deep, deep tears of release of all kinds of stuff. …and I’m tearing up now as I write.

I just want to thank you so much for bringing this work out to the world. I am a very different person from the one who began this journey a month ago. I still feel like I’m swimming in mud, but know that this experience I’m feeling now is just release, and that the muddy waters will clear up as I continue to do this work.

When I’m done with this course, I’ll begin the mediumship certification. I’m hoping it’s not wishful thinking on my part that I have potential to develop my mediumship, and be a vessel of service to the world by being a voice for spirit. One thing I do feel certain of, however, is that my life will continue to transform and unfold in beautiful ways as I follow the thread I’m on as your student.

Thank you, thank you thank you. You are a wonderful blessing in my life and I appreciate you so much.”

Jennifer Henry

Since completing James’ classes I have been steadily booked.

“I’ve been an empath from an early age and always very sensitive but it wasn’t until a Near Death Experience that I started noticing Spirit around me. At first I wasn’t sure what was happening to me or what to make of it. I started to do some research on the topic and also on various teachers who I felt would be qualified to teach me what I needed to know. I’ve always loved James’ work and I let my intuition guide me to which teacher felt right for me. As they say… “when the student is ready the teacher will come”.

James was just implementing his new online school the JVP School of Mystical Arts. I enrolled myself in the Psychic and Intuitive Certification course and I was one of the first groups of students that took the course. I’ve also enrolled in James’ Mediumship Certification and 28 Days to Total Transformation course. I have no words to explain what a beautiful journey this has all been. I have learned so much through the various courses that James offers in his school. His regular student calls ensured all of our questions were always answered. Everyone is at a different stage with their spiritual journey, and it really doesn’t matter what stage you are at. What is most important to me is the values and ethics that are taught through James’ courses.

I have a ten year background in the social work industry so integrity, ethics, compassion and humility are all very important to me and particularly with this line of work. You will definitely find that the JVP school of Mystical Arts is based on many of these ethics and principals. Since completing James’ classes I have gone on to doing many readings all word of mouth. In fact, I have been steadily booked and I love every minute of it.”

~ Medium & Channel Salma Kassam

Love the student calls!

“Thank you for taking my question last night and devoting so much time to answer it. I will get my journal and do the exercise you recommended. Looking forward to the next call. Just want to also say, I enjoy so much your spirit and having this opportunity to participate and grow from your wisdom and teaching. I know that it not only helps me, it is helping my family and everyone I meet. Your compassion and humor bring pure inspiration and love to everyone!”

~ Stacy.

Even More Stories!

“It’s been extraordinary!”
Kathy McNulty, Psychologist

“James brings out the best in people… It’s so well worth it.”
Shareane Baff, Jewelry Designer and Feng Shui Master

“Developing my mediumship has helped me become a better artist.”
Laurel Latto, Artist

“It’s bringing up my confidence in ways no other spiritual development has.”
Kathy, Program Analyst

“It expanded my consciousness beyond anything I’ve ever done before.”
Lynda Diane Nichols, Medical Intuitive

“It’s a whole other level of healing for my clients.”
Lisa Scholz, Clinical Social Worker & Energy Worker

“These courses give you the steps to grow.”
Bunny Sutherland, Spiritual Counselor

“If anyone is wanting to do this, just jump!…This is the best teacher I’ve discovered.”
Chipo Shambare, Mentor and Coach

“It’s really helped my business… it’s a lifetime experience!”
Sandi Harmer, Medium and Spiritual Teacher

Marsha Kay Farias, Spiritual Coach and Medium

Katie, Medium

Derrick, Medium

Denise Palmer, Medium