Secrets of Spiritual Healing

Dear Friend,

Without your health, everything else is irrelevant.

Have you ever noticed this? If you’re hurting or not feeling well, it is almost impossible to enjoy life and live your purpose. Even if the smallest issue isn’t fully healed, it can dim your light and prevent you from living to the fullest. When you aren’t your most powerful self, the world also misses out.

That’s why I want you to finally experience a complete and comprehensive healing of the mind, body, AND SPIRIT! It is possible to heal completely. Your divine purpose isn’t to suffer but to thrive healthily and happily. And Spirit supports your healing when you make the choice to be healed.

If you’re ready to FULLY HEAL and BE FREE, now is your time because…

In the JVP Spiritual Healer Certification, I teach you how to unlock your innate healing abilities so you can completely heal yourself and others. Over 70 in-depth training videos, I share all the powerful techniques I’ve learned in the 35 years I’ve spent helping countless people find freedom from pain, loss, and illness. You’ll discover:

· Little-known techniques for invoking the highest healing in yourself and others.
· How to masterfully do a soul-healing reading for yourself and others.
· How to read karma and clear energetic blocks.
· Special techniques and rituals that invoke instant spiritual healing.
· Crucial steps for partnering with your powerful team of healing guides.

You’ll also receive:
· Countless healing immersions and mind journeys.
· Access to a PRIVATE Facebook group, where you’ll make like-minded, supportive friends.
· Several early bird bonuses, including a free seminar.

Plus, I’m leading a bonus in-person healing workshop. The first 100 students in the course who rsvp for the workshop will get to spend the day mastering the techniques with me. (There are about 25 workshop spots left, so if you’re feeling called be sure to enroll soon.)

This course is valued at over $2300.

But right now you can get it for OVER 60% OFF.

Just hurry, this special early bird savings ends at midnight on Tuesday, June 20.

Go here for all the details.

Always remember, you deserve to live without limits. When you make the choice to embrace your spiritual healing abilities, everything becomes possible.

I’d be so honored to be your healing guide.

Sending you light and love,

Congrats to the three winners of the drawing!

Marilee Neff
Kristal Oz
Cassandra Shofar