The Ultimate Energy Protection Training

Release Negativity and Step Into the Light with James’ Simple Yet Powerful Techniques!

Do you often feel bogged down by the world around you? Does the negativity of others seem to rub off on you? Ever worry that you’re being blocked from achieving your desires?

In this special audio training, I teach you how to protect your energy so you can feel free, be happy, and create what you want. You’ll learn:

  • How to clear yourself from negative energy.
  • Whether curses and spells exist.
  • Ways to set boundaries with difficult people.
  • How to tap into the infinitely supportive energy of love.
  • The best crystals and incense to use for energy protection.
  • Daily steps for energy cleansing.
  • How to infuse your daily life with more positive energy.
  • And tons more!

Plus, I lead you through a special energy cleansing process.

This audio download is approximately 36 minutes.

Life is short. Don’t spend another day feeling anything less than powerful and positive!