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Become a Certified Graduate Apprentice with world-renowned master medium
James Van Praagh.

Dear Friend,

You have a very special gift the world needs. As a medium, you are a unique soul with an important mission here in the physical realm. The insights you bring through have the power to heal years of pain and transform the lives of those you connect with. I know it’s not always easy, but the work you’re doing is so worth it!

You’ve already come far in your mediumship development. Now you’re ready to take your abilities to an even higher, more professional level. I’d be so honored to mentor you, to help you further tap into your innate talents, to empower you to grow your business, and to share the teachings that have helped me become successful. I’m here for you and so is Spirit. So, let’s begin to change the world!

Your Mentor,

Want to become a sought-after medium who is known for astoundingly accurate readings?

Feeling called to bring your healing messages to a larger audience?

Want the proven tools for expanding your mediumship business?

The JVP Mediumship Certification Level II is your next step!
This exclusive 6-month graduate program focuses on increasing your accuracy, perfecting your message delivery, and expanding your platform.

With me as your guide, you will learn advanced mediumship techniques and get personalized support in the areas you need it most.

What Makes the JVP Spirit Apprentice Program So Unique?

Be Part of a Development Circle:

As a student, you’ll be teamed up with 10-15 other students. Your group will meet outside of class to practice the techniques and support one another in development. You will also use this group to conduct development circles.

Advanced Mediumship Trainings – Over 50 Videos!

Over 6 monthly lessons, you’ll strengthen your channel to spirit, improve your accuracy and message delivery, and more.

Ongoing Support:

Over monthly Q&A video conference calls for apprentice students only, you’ll learn state-of-the-art mediumship techniques that will help you in all areas of your development. I’ll take your questions and lead you through additional exercises.

Hands-on Training – Join me for an Exclusive Workshop in San Diego!

You’ll join me for an in-depth Apprentice Training Workshop in Encinitas CA September 30 and October 1 2019.* This two-day workshop is for Apprentice Students only and includes an advanced curriculum on communicating with spirit and delivering accurate, professional messages.

Personalized Feedback on Your Readings:

Get personalized feedback on your readings and find out exactly what to do get to the next level! As part of this course, I’ll evaluate your readings at the in-person workshop.

Close-Knit, Supportive Community:

There’s nothing like being connected with like-minded souls who understand the ups and downs that come with being a medium! As a JVP Spirit Apprentice, you’ll become part of a close-knit community of students who will support you along the way, perhaps even for the rest of your life. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for Apprentice Students only.

Access to my JVP Meditation Library:

Receive several bonus meditations to help you deepen your connection with Spirit.

Lifetime Access:

Retake the course anytime, for as long as it exists.

*Please note: Transportation to/from workshops/ events and room and board are not included in your tuition. It’s highly recommended that you attend the Apprentice workshop, but if you cannot make it in person a video will be available of a previous year’s workshop.

Your Graduate Curriculum


Lesson 1: Opening to Spirit in a Whole New Way

To be the best medium possible, you must consistently work on your foundation. For this reason, you’ll delve right into your apprentice training by mastering state-of-the-art techniques for strengthening your channel to Spirit. You’ll learn:

  • How to totally open up, so Spirits more easily come through.
  • The ultimate key to sustaining your connection for longer periods of time.
  • The key ways your own soul is used by the Spirit world and how they work with you to fully form a contact.
  • Every step you need to know to get started in a development circle. (You’ll actually have a student group to practice with!)
  • How you can physically be aware when you are in the “power” and able to totally open up to the Spirit world.
  • Little-known mind focus exercises which will expand your mediumship abilities in a whole new way.

Lesson 2: Advanced Spirit Communication

If you want to bring forth the best messages possible, you must develop a strong partnership with each and every Spirit that comes through. This month, you’ll master the key techniques to do just that. You’ll learn:

  • How to redefine the quality of evidence you get from Spirit.
  • How to delve into a memory, by reliving it from the Spirit, including the clothes they were wearing, what the physical environment was like and outstanding moments.
  • How to find commonality with the Spirit and why this makes such a dramatic difference.
  • Three unique ways to deepen your communication process.
  • Ways to develop a new, highly extensive reference library to use in your mediumship.
  • Advanced tools for letting the Spirit world BLEND with your mind.


Lesson 3: Delivering Amazingly Accurate, Healing Messages

As a medium, you have the ability to totally transform your client’s life. A great reading can bring about profound healing and a total shift in energy. That’s why it’s so crucial to work on your accuracy and message delivery. This month, you’ll learn innovative keys for delivering captivating readings, including how to:

  • Expertly build your message.
  • Work with your client’s unique energy to bring forth the messages they need.
  • Use a physical mannerism the Spirit gives you to bring forth an entire message.
  • Be a “story-teller” so you can bring the Spirit alive again in the reading.
  • Express the Spirit’s emotions and personality.
  • Attend the last day of a Spirit’s life and clearly describe it to your recipient.
  • Open up to inspiration and make your readings uniquely memorable and healing.
  • The correct structure to bring forth a message from the Spirit world.

Lesson 4: You, the Confident, Soulful Medium

Do you get anxious that you won’t be able to connect well? Worried your client will feel dissatisfied? By the time you finish this lesson, you will feel more confident in your abilities and be able to deliver your messages with power! You’ll learn:

  • Several easy yet powerful techniques that will skyrocket your confidence.
  • How to overcome anxiety you get while doing readings.
  • How to recognize and use the soul’s colors to enhance your connection with your client.
  • The steps to take when you’re having an off day.
  • Magical techniques that will help you improve your message delivery.
  • What to do when you doubt what you’re getting.

Lesson 5: Practicum: Honing Your Abilities

This is your month to go out into the field and practice everything you’re learning! I lead you through several fun exercises which will help you bring all the techniques together. You’ll:

  • Learn how to double link with another medium.
  • Practice several different methods of conducting mediumship.
  • Build an expert message using a name.
  • Master the art of object mediumship.
  • Engage in several fun exercises which will help build your expertise.

Lesson 6: The, the Super Successful Medium!

You’ve arrived! This month is all about the important elements you must know to thrive as a professional medium, such as:

  • Unique ways you can build your platform and get new clients.
  • How to uncover that which holds your soul back from its glory.
  • Advanced ethics all professional mediums must follow.
  • How to build a lasting connection with your clients and audience.
  • Advanced marketing and business building techniques.
  • How and what to charge for your work.
  • How to understand the emotions of your soul…let yourself have a relationship with your own soul.

Course Prerequisite:

    You must have completed the JVP Mediumship Course Level 1 OR have been communicating with spirit for at least a year.

Here’s what students have to say about working with James!

Sharon Machon, Spiritual Life Coach

Dinavia Sero, Personal Trainer

“It expanded my consciousness beyond anything I’ve ever done before.” Lynda Diane Nichols, Medical Intuitive

“It’s really helped my business… it’s a lifetime experience!”
Sandi Harmer, Medium and Spiritual Teacher

“Developing my mediumship has helped me become a better artist.” Laurel Latto, Artist

“It’s been extraordinary!”
Kathy McNulty, Psychologist

The world needs the special gifts only you have.

Become a JVP Certified Apprentice Medium
and make your professional dreams a reality!

Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get

It’s tough to assign value to this course. How can you put a number on teachings that will help deepen you connection with spirit? But, I’ve done my best to give you some perspective below.

Your 6 months of LIVE group coaching with James: $3,000
Your 6 training modules – with 50 videos total: $3,000
Your Guided Meditation Library: $120
The In-Person Apprentice Workshop:$1,000
Development Circles: Priceless
Private Community with like-minded mediums: Priceless
Exclusive Certification by The JVP School of Mystical Arts: Priceless

Total value: $7,120
Now only: $2777


Mediumship II will not be available again until next year. So, if you’re feeling called, now is the time…

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You’re Protected with My Satisfaction Guarantee

Dear Friend, I’m confident Mediumship II will help you develop your abilities, as long as you do the coursework. So I’m offering a risk-free guarantee!

Here’s how it works: Enroll now and join me for the first session. You must attend our first meeting and submit your homework, log into the school portal at least one time, and participate in the Facebook group. If you take this action and still find the course isn’t helping you, I’ll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note that refund requests must be submitted by March 14, 2019.

Meet Your Mentor:

As one of the world’s most sought-after psychic mediums and spiritual pioneers, James Van Praagh has spent over 35 years helping millions of people connect with the Other Side. He has appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, Dr. Phil and many other TV programs. He is also the author of several New York Times bestselling books, including Adventures of the Soul and Talking to Heaven.

There’s much more to James than his massive expertise though.

James believes in YOU. He knows you have the power within you to be or do anything you want. He is dedicated to giving you the tools, strategies and support to help you awaken your most sacred gifts.


Certification Requirements:

You will need to do the following before being certified.

  • Complete all lessons and processes.
  • Sign a certification agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have another question? Email Us at

Please note: James reserves the right to withdraw participation from any student not deemed suitable. Payment will be refunded pro-rata and an administration cost of $50 will be applied. For those on payment plans - Ongoing participation will rely on installment payments being up to date. Failure to stick to the payment schedule will be taken as withdrawal from the course.