Are you a Sensitive Person?

Here’s the necessary energy protection training for anyone who feels everything.

You’re an amazing, caring and sensitive soul. You take on other’s feelings and problems as if they’re your own. You feel the pain of animals, the weight of the world, and the stress of complete strangers. You’re here to help, heal and love.

Your sensitivity is a true gift.

Yet… it can feel like a curse.

Life can be rough and painful for Highly Sensitive Person. As someone who is hyper-attuned to the energy around you, you get bogged down with confusing emotions. You take on other’s problems as if they’re your own, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, sad or even a little bit crazed!

Well, have no fear your spiritual teacher James Van Praagh is here to teach you how to not only cope, but thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person.

In this deeply illuminating on demand seminar, you’ll learn the crucial keys you need to protect your energy and successfully navigate life as a Sensitive Person. A Highly Sensitive Person and Empath himself, James shares the powerful clearing techniques he personally uses to stay grounded and protected, while also keeping open to intuitive insight.

Over an hour and a half, you’ll discover:

  • The hidden traits of Highly Sensitive People and Empaths and how to know which you are. (Yes, they’re different!)
  • The necessary steps to take to stay centered, clear, and emotionally balanced— no matter what is happening around you.
  • A crucial technique to use to protect yourself from other people’s unwanted energy and thought forms. (This one key is so powerful, I personally do it daily!)
  • How to recognize when you’ve taken on energy that isn’t your own.
  • The keys for setting clear loving boundaries between yourself and others.
  • How to embrace your sensitivity as a gift that can help you create the best life possible and transform the world.
  • And much more!

PLUS, Get these Exclusive Bonuses when You Register Today

James has created 4 one-of-a-kind immersion meditation downloads to help you thrive as a highly sensitive person. These channeled visualizations are all designed to help you step into your power as a Sensitive or Empath.

Self-Care for Sensitive People: Tap into the most powerful help of Spirit to release overwhelm and find happiness and inner peace — no matter what is going on around you.

Energy Clearing: Take a deeply freeing journey into your sensitive self to clear any hidden energies that are weighing you down.

Reclaim Your Power: Partner with Spirit to strengthen your ability to love your sensitive self and express all sides of your being.

Safe, Secure, and Protected: Let Spirit wrap you in light as you create security and protection in all areas of your life. (This is an incredible visualization to do whenever you feel lonely)

There’s no need to suffer any longer.

Join James for this necessary energy training and learn how to feel happy, calm, and protected— no matter what’s happening around you!