Do you want to open the portal to your psychic abilities?

Then, you've come to the right place. In this preeminent training, you'll learn special exercises to strengthen your psychic and mediumship abilities.  Or, open the door to experience it for the first time...

The ultimate training program that shows you how to tap into your intuition, receive clearer psychic insights, and unleash your mediumistic potential.
All the guidance you’re seeking is closer than you think.

Let’s face it. Life can be unpredictable and confusing at times. Such chaos is all part of our beautiful human experience.
But, you don’t have to feel alone or disoriented.
You possess secret powers just waiting to be harnessed…
Your clair senses.
And when you master these clairs, you open yourself to all the guidance in the universe.

You clearly see the past, present, and future for yourself and others.
You clearly hear Spirit’s messages and deliver more accurate readings.
You clearly know the right decisions to make in your life.
You clearly feel the energy of others— and know exactly who to trust.

Designed for people who simply want to develop their intuition and advanced psychics and mediums, this special training consists of fast and easy techniques which will enable you to fully master each of your clair senses and put them to work in your life and/or professional readings.

With James as your mentor, you will:

  • Get psychic information into the past, present, and future. (For yourself and others!)
  • Strengthen your mediumship abilities—receive clear messages from Spirit.
  • Discover your psychic type and understand how to develop your particular talents.
  • Be able to instantly read the energy of others.
  • Gain confidence to trust your intuition—make decisions quickly.
  • Learn different methods for using each clair sense in psychic vs. mediumship readings.
  • Create your very own psychic tools for fully opening each sense.
  • Raise your spiritual vibration so you can more easily navigate the ups and downs of life.
  • Discover how to easily hear Spirit’s messages. (You’ll even make recordings of their voices.)
  • Create your personal reference library for each portal. (This is so crucial to build accuracy.)
  • And much more!

This ultimate training includes:

  • 38 training videos, specifically designed to open all your portals.
  • Innovative mastery exercises—visualizations, hands-on assignments and more!
  • Six specialized meditation downloads—one for each portal.
  • Daily “workouts” to help you continually strengthen each of your clair abilities.
  • Lifetime Access—take the course again and again

What Makes this Course so Important?

This in-depth training focuses on strengthening your psychic foundation, which is ABSOLUTELY essential for beginners who want to strengthen their intuition and professional psychics, mediums and healers who want to get to the next level. Mastering the clairs is your jumping off point for ALL levels of psychic and spirit communication.

A special note from James…

Dear Friend,
I’m so excited to have you here!

I searched high and low for an in-depth course on all the psychic portals, or clairs,.. and I couldn’t find one anywhere! So, I set about to create my own series of specialized techniques and started testing them with both professional psychics and mediums AND people who just wanted to improve their own intuitive abilities. The results were amazing! So, now I’m bringing these methods to you!

This course is an ultimate training program for awakening your innate abilities. No matter where you are in your development, it will help you get to the next level.




Introduction: Getting Clair-ity

Begin your journey into the portals with a fascinating psychic sense assessment!

You are naturally strongest in 1-2 clair senses while the other channels play “support” roles. If you want to truly excel at using your psychic and mediumistic gifts, it’s crucial to develop each sense to it’s fullest potential.

Through this quiz, you’ll discover your primary psychic type and level of ability with each sense—right now. After you finish the course, you’ll revisit the quiz to see how far you’ve come!

Lesson 1: Mastering Clairvoyance

Unlock your clairvoyant power— that is, learn to see clearly! In this lesson, James guides you through several innovative exercises to open your clairvoyant portal. You will:

  • Learn special techniques for “seeing” the past, present, and future.
  • Tap into the fascinating technique of Mesmerism.
  • Find out how to see missing objects.
  • Enjoy a special visualization you can do anytime to open your third eye.
  • Do clairvoyant readings on yourself and others.
  • And much more!

Lesson 2: Mastering Clairsentience

Clairsentience is the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and places around you. In this training, you will:

  • Master techniques for feeling the past, present and future.
  • Learn how to feel memories and sense personalities from Spirit.
  • Create your personal clairsentience symbols to help you get clearer insights.
  • Use your feeling portal to connect with Spirit.
  • Learn how to sense what people around you are feeling.
  • Find out how to tell the difference between psychic feelings and ego feelings.
  • And much more!

Lesson 3: Mastering Claircognizance

Ever feel like you “just know” something? That is your claircognizant ability shining through! With James as your mentor, you will:

  • Understand how to distinguish between a claircognizant message and wishful thinking.
  • Tap into the “book of knowingness” with your own soul.
  • Unlock your claircognizance through several fun techniques.
  • Learn how to use your claircognizance in your own life and when reading others.
  • Get a personal symbol of knowingness.
  • Create your very own Ouija board for working with claircognizance.
  • And much more!

Lesson 4: Mastering Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the ability to hear messages, either internally or externally. In this fun lesson, you will:

  • Make your own recording of Spirit sounds.
  • Learn the difference between objective and subjective hearing.
  • Find out how to connect with Spirit clairaudiently.
  • Receive a song Spirit composes for your soul.
  • Be guided through several fun clairaudient challenges.
  • And much more!

Lesson 5: Mastering Clairgustance, Clairscent and More!

Now that you’ve mastered the four main clairs, it’s time to work with some of the more unique ones. In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Learn a special technique for developing your psychic sense of taste.
  • Tap into your ability to smell psychically.
  • Enjoy a closing visualization with James, which you can use anytime you need to get grounded.
  • Retake your psychic sense assessment to find out how far you’ve come!

You’re Protected with My Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident this package will help you tap into the Universal flow and open up to love, providing you do the coursework. So I’m offering a risk-free guarantee!

How your guarantee works: Enroll now and join us for the first lesson. You must do all the course work for these lessons and log into the course portal at least two times. If you take this action and still find the course isn’t helping you, I’ll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note that refund requests must be submitted within 2 days of starting the course.

Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get in Opening Your Psychic Portals

Your 38 Training Videos: $900
Your Clair Meditation Library: $55.65
Your Daily Clair Workouts: $100

Total value: $1055.65

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
You will receive instant access upon registering.

Can I take this course at my own pace?
Yes! While James recommends you do the videos and lessons in order, you can do the course on your own timeline.

Do I have lifetime access?
Yes! You can retake the course or revisit your favorite lessons anytime.

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