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Dear One,
You – as much as anyone in the universe – deserve your love, respect, and affection.

Transform your entire relationship with yourself!

In this revolutionary online course, James takes you on what may be the most important journey you’ve ever taken – the journey to loving yourself. Over just one powerful day, you’ll immerse yourself in a series of special audio processes and creative assignments that help you connect deeply to your highest self and finally accept ALL of who you are. You’ll release perfectionism, guilt and shame and come to see that you are whole just as you are. The course is yours to keep and re-do anytime you’re feeling alone, down or disconnected.

On this special day, you will:

  • Learn to love yourself like never before
  • Reawaken your most authentic self.
  • Connect to the Oneness, where all love flows easily and effortlessly.
  • Heal difficult relationships.
  • Draw more loving people into your life.
  • Let go of the negative voice of the ego.
  • And much more!

Ultimately, you’ll come to understand that all the love you’re longing for is already within you. It never left you and will never leave you. With the secrets reveled in this course, you’ll realize that loving all of yourself (even your perceived flaws and weaknesses) is surprisingly easier than you think.


How the Course Works:

This special course consists of several on demand audio downloads you will use at various intervals throughout the day. You get to choose what day to take your journey. Each download contains insight from James and a process to help you connect with Spirit and your Higher Self. You’ll also have fun assignments throughout your day to help you deepen that connection.

Best of all, you can take this course over and over again! Each time you do it, you’ll receive deeper insights and experience more love and acceptance

Your Itinerary for One Day to Unconditional Self-Love:

Morning – Remember Who You Are

With James gently guiding you, you’ll connect with your inner light and give yourself permission to shine bright just as you are.

Afternoon – The Magic of Self-Forgiveness

Next, you’ll bath yourself in forgiveness of self and others. James leads you through a truly healing process to help you let go and love all that is and has been.

Evening – Releasing Negativity

Now, you’ll let go of all the hurt, pain and negativity that has been weighing you down. Join James for a freeing journey of release!

Bedtime – Your New Love Reality

You’ll complete your special love-filled day by solidifying your new love reality. James takes you through a deeply transformative process which empowers you to step into a whole new way of being.


This Course is a Special Gift to You From James.

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