Deep down, I think you know you didn’t come to this planet to just exist. No sireee!
YOU are here to do something BIG.

Just an average life and career leaves you feeling dead inside.  You CRAVE more MEANING and want to make a difference with others.

The lessons you’ve learned and the struggles you’ve experienced have uniquely equipped you not only to get to the next level yourself — but to also help others.

But, you may have no idea what to do next or doubt yourself.

I'm here to help you gain CLARITY and CONFIDENCE so you can become successful doing what you love. 

After coaching so many students through the process of creating meaningful work, I knew I had to do something even bigger. So, I created The JVP Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course. 

What makes this course so cool is it's not just for people who want to be professional coaches. First and foremost, The JVP Spiritual Life Coach Certification focuses on helping YOU be the person you came here to be. You'll discover your deepest calling and learn how to orient your life around it.  Then it delves into how to empower others - so you can succeed doing what you love. Because no matter what you feel called to do - whether a coach, psychic, medium, author or something else - you'll need to know how to effectively inspire and "coach" others.

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Van Praagh has changed people’s lives… it’s impossible not to be moved.
~ Newsweek

Over 8 life-changing weeks, you’ll:

  • Turn pain into power by discovering the unique wisdom only you have to share.

  • Break free of "human" blocks such as doubts, fears, bad habits, procrastination and energy drains.

  • Learn how to coach yourself and others to inner and outer success.

  • Discover what you're destined to do with your life.

  • Create work that feeds your soul.

  • Receive powerful assistance from spirit in all areas of your life.

  • Stop settling for less—and start getting more than you ever expected.

  • Feel happier and more at ease — no matter what’s happening around you.

  • Get unstuck and embrace change.

  • Make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

  • Learn how to build a successful business as a spiritual life coach and expert.

And much more!


Why I created this course

Hi Friend,
I’m Spiritual Teacher James Van Praagh. You might know me from reading one of my many bestselling books. Maybe you’ve seen me on T.V. shows like Oprah or taken one of my many workshops.

Over my 35+ years, as a spiritual teacher, mentor and psychic medium, I’ve come across so many people who CRAVED more passion and meaning in their lives. Yet, they couldn’t seem to make it so. They stayed stuck in jobs, relationships, and situations that didn’t feed their soul. They felt empty and powerless.

As a psychic, I could SEE what was waiting for them if only they embraced their spiritual power.

Through my unique mediumship abilities, I’ve also had the privilege of bringing through countless spirits. In almost every instance, spirits have told me about their regrets. They talk about how they didn’t live up to their potential and passed away with so many dreams unfilled. Now that they’re on the Other Side, they can see that so much more was possible for them.

It’s my ultimate mission for this NOT to happen to you.

That’s why I created this course.

You are special and unique. You have so much wisdom to share with the world. It’s time for you to awaken to your power.

Your life is too precious to wait.


You’ll receive:

2 Months of expert support to help you change your life and teach you how to empower others do the same.

Four group coaching sessions with me, where we'll delve deeper into that the trainings and I take your questions.

70+ training videos which offer a unique combination of experiential processes and practical insights, all to help you awaken your spiritual power and create what you truly want.

Empowering support in my amazing community of like-minded students via the private Facebook group for the course. You'll also have the opportunity to get an accountability partner who will help you stay on track.

Certification from The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts, which vouches that you've been trained in spiritual life coaching techniques.

Lifetime access to all the lessons. So you can revisit them any time.

What Makes The James Van Praagh Spiritual Life Coaching Certification So Unique?

This course is very different from “traditional” life coaching. Here’s why…

You get a blend of expertise you can’t find anywhere else: As a world renowned spiritual teacher who has helped thousands of people AND someone who is truly fulfilled, I know what it takes to create a spiritually and emotionally satisfying life. What’s more… as a renowned medium, I have a unique understanding of the regrets we experience when we pass over. I’ve talked with countless souls about what it takes to achieve your dreams before you die.

You learn spiritual AND practical techniques: This is KEY! You see, the only way to create a truly fulfilling life is through connecting with Spirit. When you’re trying to move forward, you might see a typical life coach or therapist. These two experts work hard to help you. They undoubtedly play an important role. The mind is covered, but what about the spirit? The lack of spirit in personal development is why so many people stay stuck and unfulfilled. This extraordinary course changes that!

My hands-on approach: This is not the kind of course where you just watch a talking head! I’ve infused each lesson with special processes designed to help you access your inner power and take ACTION. AND, to help you stay on track, you’ll have the option of teaming up with an accountability partner.

Loving support from someone who sees the “real” you: I believe you’re already special. This isn’t about becoming someone you aren’t or forcing you to step in line with the crowd.

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A Course for All Levels

The JVP Spiritual Life Coach Certification is designed for students from all walks of life.

What makes this course so cool is it's not just for people who want to be professional coaches.

If you DO want to be a professional spiritual life coach, this course is a MUST. You'll learn how to step into you power as a coach and become incredibly effective helping others.

If you’re in another profession OR not sure what you want to do, this course is just as ESSENTIAL. You'll discover your deepest calling and learn how to orient your life around it. Then you’ll learn how to empower others— so you can succeed doing what you love. Because no matter what you feel called to do—whether a coach, psychic, medium, author or something else—you’ll need to know how to effectively inspire and "coach" others.

This is what makes The JVP Spiritual Life Coach Certification so POWERFUL!

Students include...
  • Spiritual Seekers who long to create more meaningful lives.
  • Wise Souls who want to turn their struggles into power.
  • Evolved Beings who feel called to do work that feeds their soul AND helps others.
  • Coaches and Psychologists who want to expand their skillset and make a greater difference with clients.
  • Psychics, Mediums, and Healers who know that spiritual coaching is an integral part of their work and want to get to the next level.



The JVP Spiritual Life Coaching Curriculum


Lesson 1: Find Your Inner Light

To create an inspired life, you must first fully understand your soul’s journey and re-awaken the guiding light within you. In this powerful lesson, you’ll connect with who you are at your very core and help others do the same. In particular, you will:

  • Discover how to do a personal inventory, which sets the stage for spiritual transformation.
  • Come to understand how childhood programming is impacting you today.
  • Recover the lost parts of yourself.
  • Strip away the limits placed on you by others.
  • Reconnect with your deepest truths.
  • Unlock your most unique self-loving and deserving identity.
  • And so much more

Lesson 2: Clear the Cobwebs that Weigh You Down

In order to make the changes you want (and help others do the same), you must first set yourself free from all the thoughts, clutter and excess energy that’s weighing you down. In this important lesson, I'll guide you through my powerful methods to do just that. You’ll:

  • Gain clarity on what’s really draining your power — you’ll be surprised!
  • Clear yourself from the past once and for all.
  • Awaken your life force - so you’re free to create from a blank slate.
  • Break free of the psychic vampires that deplete you.
  • Learn the art of clearing out “tolerations” and clutter.
  • Find out what your clutter is trying to tell you.
  • Experience a powerful process to help you clear the cobwebs.

Lesson 3: How to Feel Good No Matter What

Let's face it... life can be tough. I know you've struggled. But, that doesn't mean you have to continue to suffer. Joy is an integral part of your journey. In this fun week, I teach you how to feel better — regardless of what’s happening in your life. You will:

  • Find out how to feel better fast and make it last.
  • Hardwire yourself for more happiness.
  • Recognize what causes your mood swings.
  • Get your needs met.
  • Learn how to release anxiety and depression through mindfullness.
  • Change how you respond to people and situations that cause you pain.
  • Transform your negative experiences into the fuel that can push you into a more satisfying life.

Lesson 4: Discover and Live Your Soul’s Purpose

You know you weren't meant to lead an ordinary life. The lessons you've learned and struggles have uniquely equipped you to do something meaningful. Now, it's time to discover what your destined to be and do. In this truly riveting lesson, you’ll delve deep into your purpose. You will:

  • Discover your true calling and find out how to design your life around it.
  • Break free of settling for meaningless work and create a job that feeds your soul.
  • Release other people's opinions about how your live your life.
  • Experience my powerful "heart singing" process.
  • Learn how to empower others to discover and live their purpose.

Lesson 5: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

So may people stay stuck in unfulfilling jobs, relationships and situations because they lack the tools they need to move forward.  As a spiritual life coach, you must learn how to embrace change and help others do the same. In this enlightening week, you’ll:

  • Learn the surprising reasons people get stuck.
  • Discover my powerful method for breaking free and moving forward.
  • Find out how to embrace changes you didn’t ask for.
  • Overcome the fears and beliefs that hold you back.
  • Learn scientifically proven ways to change bad habits.
  • Find out what to do when you’ve done everything right but you’re still not making progress.
  • Discover how to coach others through the process of getting unstuck.


Lesson 6: The Ultimate Key to Having it All… Co-Create with Spirit!

Now it’s time to step into the magic of spirit and spirituality. When you know how to align with spirit, you can create a life even better than your wildest dreams. In this key lesson, you’ll:

  • Discover the meaning of life.
  • Align with your spiritual self, so you can reach your highest potential.
  • Learn how to trust that “life” has your back.
  • Feel profoundly protected and loved.
  • Learn how to get instant spiritual guidance - anytime and anywhere.

Lesson 7: The Coach’s Toolbox for an Inspired Life

In this fun lesson, I teach you several proven tools that can make a giant different in your level of success and happiness. You will

  • Learn my secret method of quickly making the right decision.
  • Discover how to stop procrastinating and get into action.
  • Get a script for saying no to anything.
  • Find out how to quickly release fear.
  • Discover an easy way to ask for anything you want.

Lesson 8: The Success Principles

You’ve come so far! In this final week, we solidify everything you have learned and focus on super-charging your success. You will:

  • Find out how to make an impact doing what you love.
  • Create a successful business that feeds your soul.
  • Own your power and confidence so you can do extraordinary things.
  • Learn how to get new clients and build your business.
  • Stop following the crowd and become iconic.
  • Find out how to psychically connect with your clients so you can deeply empower them.



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Exclusive Spiritual Coaching Meditation Library: This powerful library is full of 8 coaching immersions that will help you—and those you work with—step up as a powerful creator.

The Highly Sensitive’s Guide to Life: In this special online seminar, I teach you how to protect your sensitive energy and set loving boundaries between yourself and others. This is so essential for anyone who feels a lot!

Forgiving the Unforgivable: No matter what has occurred in the past, and no matter how much or how long you have struggled, you needn’t suffer any longer. In this very special on demand seminar, I share the powerful insights and special channeled processes that will help you finally forgive even what seems unforgivable.

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This course is NOT right for you if…

  • You don't believe in any form of a higher power.
  • You want to have an average life experience.
  • You want to stay in suffering.
  • You have no desire to make the world a better place.


This course IS right for you if…

  • You're ready to have a spiritual awakening and deeply align with your soul's purpose.
  • You want to infuse your life with deep meaning, passion and joy.
  • You're ready to turn your suffering into POWER.
  • You’re passionate about spirituality and self-improvement.
  • You feel called to do something bigger and make a difference for others.


Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get

70+ Training Videos: $1,400
Your Life Coaching Meditation Library: $100 
Your Course Journal: $15 
Your Bonus Seminars: $60
Insider advice and support from a World Acclaimed Spiritual Teacher: priceless
Private Facebook Community of like-minded students: priceless
Esteemed Certification from The JVP School of Mystical Arts

Total course value: $1,815
Your JVP Spiritual Life Coach Investment
Today only: $977


4 Low Payments of $267 each.

With the payment plan, you will be billed every 2 weeks.

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You’re Protected with My Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m so confident The JVP Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course will help you create a more fulfilled life — and help others the same—providing you do the work. So I am offering a risk free money back guarantee!

Here’s how this works: Enroll now and join us for the first lesson. You must do the homework for these lessons and log into the course at least twice. If you take this action and still find the curriculum isn’t helping you, I'll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note that refund requests must be submitted within 2 days of enrollment.

Praise for James Van Praagh

Van Praagh has changed people’s lives… it’s impossible not to be moved.
~ Newsweek

“James inspires us to look beyond what’s in front of us. With an open mind and heart, you can truly learn what his life and gift teaches.”
—Jennifer Love Hewitt, renowned actress

“James Van Praagh is the master at sharing insights and truths that comfort and inspire.”
—Mike Dooley, New York Times best-selling author

What students are saying

… “Thanks to James’ interactive online class, my heart has been filled with awe and joy. James has explained almost all my whys!! Moreover, every step he provides hands-on creative lessons that are always incredibly easy to follow and amazingly effective… The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts is such fun place to study and I always feel welcomed, I love to learn from you forever, James!!!”

—Mica, student

“I’ve taken a myriad of spiritual and metaphysical classes from other teachers and authors; however, James’ classes are always different. There is a level of professionalism, accountability, and responsibility that cannot be topped. His approach to metaphysics has given me an alternative healing language and ideology that I easily weave into my physical therapy practice… Thank you for opening my heart!”

—Dr. Amanda Schmidt, MS, PT, DPT, student

I can’t begin to tell you how much it has and is changing my life. I have been waking up early and starting my day with a lesson at 6am, and I’ve not missed a day. Just about EVERY lesson and every exercise makes me cry – deep, deep tears of release of all kinds of stuff. …and I’m tearing up now as I write. I just want to thank you so much for bringing this work out to the world. I am a very different person from the one who began this journey a month ago. ~

-Jennifer, student


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