Breakthrough online training with master medium James Van Praagh

You’ve likely had times in your life when you’ve felt guided by an extraordinary presence from Above.

Perhaps you’ve sensed an Angel’s comfort during a difficult period. Or, a Spirit Guide has helped you avoid an accident. You may have even received a message from an Ascended Master to empower you on your journey.

But, chances are those experiences have been few and far between….

If you’re like most people, you only tend to get guidance in fleeting moments. And, even when you do try to connect, it’s often confusing. You may not be sure whether the insight is coming from a Guide… or if you’re imagining it.

You keep hearing that these powerful spiritual beings can help you in all areas of your life. Yet you’re frustrated because it’s not so easy to deeply connect with them.

Can you relate?

I thought so!

Well, that’s all about to change for you.

You’re about to learn how to EASILY CONNECT with all your Guides, Angels, and Masters… anytime, anywhere!

In this preeminent course, I draw from my 30 plus years spent working with the higher realms and teach you how to get crystal CLEAR GUIDANCE from your personal Spirit Team. As you learn to partner with your guides, angels, and masters, you’ll release blocks and receive their all-powerful insights to help you heal, attract love, experience greater abundance, and more!

Over 30 enlightening video trainings, you’ll
  • Come to know who’s who on your personal Spirit Team.
  • Receive clear messages from your Spirit Guides
  • Sit in a conversation with your Guardian Angels.
  • Learn all about the Ascended Masters and how to call on them.
  • Get advice from the Archangels.
  • Have a conversation with your pet in Spirit
  • Receive psychic insights from your Angels
  • Learn to “see” your guides visually.
  • Receive your personal life lessons from your guides.
  • Be given specific affirmations from the angelic realm.
  • Learn how to become the master of your own life.
  • And much more!

Your angels, guides, and masters are waiting
to help you in all areas of your life.

Unlike your friends, family, or even your counselor, your personal Spirit team has no personal agenda.
They only have your best interest at heart.
Their love for you is entirely pure and unconditional; it never waivers.
It’s their ultimate desire to advocate for, love and support you.

Here’s a preview of your journey…

Introduction: Your Journey of Ascension

Preparation is key when it comes to connecting with your divine support system! In this inspiring introduction, you’ll:

  • Learn a sacred prayer for tapping into the higher reams.
  • Discover the fascinating differences between guides, angels, and ascended masters
  • Learn what you must do to prepare to meet your Spirit Team.
Lesson 1: Connecting with Your Higher Self

Your higher self is the portal through which you ascend to the spirit realms.In order to develop a strong relationship with your spirit team, it’s crucial to clear your energy and connect with your intuition. In this fun lesson, you’ll:

  • Experience a groundbreaking process that allows you to quickly connect with your soul.
  • Clear the atmosphere and energy around you.
  • Release old hurts that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Let go of the limitations of your ego.
  • Begin your ascension to the higher realms.
Lesson 2: Connecting with Your Guides

Your Spirit Guides are always on stand by, waiting to offer guidance, support, wisdom, and love. In this enlightening lesson, you’ll learn key techniques for connecting with them like never before. In particular, you’ll:

  • Learn about the many different types of guides.
  • Find out how to get the name of a guide.
  • Meet with your Master Guide and receive key insights.
  • Create your very own oracle cards to easily connect with your personal guides.
  • Actually “see” what your guides look like.
Lesson 3: Connecting with Your Angels

Your angels are always working to answer your prayers. With their all-powerful help, you can create miracles, healing, and peace in your life. In this magical lesson, you’ll:

  • Meet with your Guardian Angel.
  • Travel through time to meet with the angel who has been with you since birth.
  • Receive psychic insight from Archangel Michael.
  • Get advice from your angels and archangels in any situation.
  • Connect with your “Fur Angels” – any pets you have on the Other Side.
  • Receive your very own heavenly affirmation from your angels.
Lesson 4: Connecting with Your Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters are a group of spiritually enlightened beings who once lived as humans. Through their own hard work, they have cleared all their karma and have left the cycle of rebirth. In essence, they have achieved mastery.

They’re now on standby, waiting to share their profound wisdom on all aspects of your spiritual and personal development. In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Learn all about the most important Ascended Masters.
  • Discover which Ascended Masters are around you.
  • Receive advice and insight from your Ascended Masters.
  • Spend a week with the Ascended Master of your choice.
  • Learn to partner with the Masters to take charge of your own destiny.

What makes this course so critical?

Trying to step onto your highest life path without the help of your Spirit Team is like taking a road trip without a map. Sooner rather than later, you end up lost and confused about which way is which. You may be taking action, but life doesn’t seem to move in the direction you want.

On the other hand…

When you truly know your Spirit Team, you never get lost. You can always reach out to them for advice, comfort and support. What’s so unique about this course is you’ll learn how to EASILY CONNECT to ALL the extraordinary beings that make up your personal team—your Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters.

Doesn’t that sound just so wonderful?! To have a team who is always there—cheering you on, no matter what?

With their loving guidance, your life will become more meaningful, miraculous and so much easier.

You’re Protected with My Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident Connecting to Your Guides, Angels, and Masters will help you receive deep wisdom and guidance, as long as you do the coursework. So I’m offering a risk-free guarantee!

Here’s how it works: Enroll now and join me for the first lesson. You must do all the work and log into the course portal at least two times. If you take this action and still find the course isn’t helping you, I’ll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note that refund requests must be submitted within 2 days.

Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get:

Your 30+ Training Videos: $600
Your Downloadable Guides, Angels and Masters Course Book: $35
Your Personal Spirit Team Journal: $35

Total value: $670
Today only: $211

Limited Time Bonus

When you enroll now you’ll also receive….

Your “Quick Connect” Meditation Library

Chat with your guides, angels and ascended masters anytime, anywhere.
In this series of seven downloadable meditations, I lead you through special processes that enable you to quickly connect with the most important members of your team. Get answers from Archangel Michael and hear wisdom from Ascended Master Buddha almost instantly! These are valued at $55.65, but you get them for FREE when you enroll in the course now.

Your Spirit Team is waiting to support you right now. You just have to say YES!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

You will receive instant access upon registering.

Can I take this course at my own pace?

Yes! While I recommend you do the videos and lessons in order, you can do the course on your own timeline.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes! You can retake the course or revisit your favorite lessons anytime.

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