Here’s your rare chance to visit heaven
and bring it’s sacred power into your life.


Being Divinely guided in every, single step you take.
Feeling more alive than you’ve ever felt.
Knowing you’re always safe, loved and protected.
Being free of all struggle, hurt, and loneliness.

This is what it’s like in heaven. It’s where your soul is at home, where your pain evaporates, where miracles flow. Most of all, it’s where you connect most directly with all your loved ones, guides and angels.

And now, you have the rare chance to visit it.

In this first-of-its-kind online course, renowned medium James Van Praagh guides you through a series of miraculous exercises that allow you to experience heaven in your life. In Bringing Heaven Home ~ A Day in the Spirit World II, you’ll ascend into the highest realms to not only have more meaningful conversations with your loved one on the Other Side, but also experience a heavenly healing of grief and loneliness.

If you enjoyed A Day in the Spirit World, you won’t want to miss this BRAND NEW version, where you’ll receive even more signs from Spirit and break free of the deepest pain.

Ultimately, you’ll experience all the miracles you’ve been wishing for!

On this special heavenly day:

  • You’ll receive several important messages your loved ones and guides have been waiting to give you.
  • Your Archangels and Spirit Guides will come to help you transform any negative energy or emotions into pure joy.
  • Your loved ones and Spirit will give you specific signs to look for in the coming days – which will let you know without a doubt that they’re with you now and always.
  • Spirit will take you on a miraculous tour of a house in heaven which is infused with powerful guidance to help you on your journey.
  • You’ll heal any rifts with your loved ones that have been weighing you down.
  • Spirit will restore your faith that the soul is eternal and your life has meaning.
  • You’ll set a miracle in motion in your life.
  • And much more!

How the Course Works:

This special course consists of several on demand audio downloads you will use at various intervals throughout the day of your choice. Each download contains insight from James and a process to help you connect with your guides, angels, and loved ones on the Other Side. You’ll also have fun assignments throughout your day to help you bring heaven into your being.

The course also includes two different sets of exercises, one set for doing the course on or around a holiday (such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or a birthday) and another set for doing the course whenever you’d like. It’s been set up this way because the heavenly vibrations are often more intricate around special holidays. For this reason, James recommends you do the course at least twice—once on the day of your choice and once on or around a holiday. Ultimately, you can do the course as many times as you’d like — each time you’ll reach a new level of awareness!

Your Itinerary for Bringing Heaven Home:

Morning – Embarking on Your Journey

With James gently guiding you, you’ll experience a profound awakening of gratitude, love, and peace as your step into the light. As you journey forward, you’ll expand into the oneness. Soon, you’ll sit on a bench with your loved one and have a healing conversation, where you’ll share joyful memories. Before you continue, your loved one will give your two very special gifts, which are infused with meaning and will serve as signs that your loved one is with you in the coming days.

Afternoon – Your Transformation

Next, you’ll enter the realms of healing as James gives you a special word that will help you connect with Spirit whenever you desire. With your loved one holding your hand, you’ll soon enter a magical arena where you’ll rest and re-energize in the most miraculous way. The powerful Archangels even come to join you and help you transform in all areas of your life. You’re sorrows will be healed, you’ll release negative energy, and much more.

Evening – Your Reunion

Now, you’ll enter a brilliant house, which is infused with important messages to help you on your human journey. Each room, all the furniture, and the decorations were created for your awareness by your loved ones and Spirit Guides. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a reunion table, where you’ll sit and connect even more deeply with Spirit. Before you awaken from this profound experience, you’ll discover the special lessons you’ve learned from your spirit family.

Bedtime – Your Bedtime Story

You’ll complete your special heavenly day with a special bedtime story. With James as your gentle guide, you’ll fall asleep to a story that will rekindle your divine fire and help you tap into the everlasting spirit within you.

Ever wish your everyday life could be more like heaven?
Want to easily channel sacred guidance from above?

Here’s your chance to bring all the extraordinary power and love of heaven into your life!