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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have access to a blueprint of all the information you could ever want—about yourself and others and what will likely happen in the future?

No longer would you need to fumble around, unsure of who you are, wondering what to do next, struggling to overcome difficulties.

You’d know exactly how to create your most powerful, happiest life.
In fact, you’d have all the answers you need and more.

Guess what?
That extraordinary blueprint actually exists, and you can have access to it whenever you want.

It’s the study of astrology — the secret language of the sky!

So many people think of astrology as just your horoscope or sun sign. But, it’s so much more than that!

The stars and planets have ALL the information in the Universe, including details about your past, present, and future.

When you understand their movements and energies, you can completely change your life and reach a whole new level in your spiritual development.

In this in-depth course, I teach you the fundamentals of astrology — so you can easily make it work for you.

Over 4 fascinating weeks, you’ll:

    • Learn how to read your natal chart, which has all the energies and lessons your soul wants you to work with in this lifetime.

    • Delve into the mysteries of each of the 10 planets and work with their energies.

    • Uncover each of the 12 astrological houses and learn how they impact your life.

    • Use the moon energy to transform your life. (In fact - there's one thing you must do during a new moon which will make a major difference in whether you succeed or fail during the coming weeks!)

    • Discover how to make retrogrades work for you.

    • Find out what you must do during an eclipse to assure happiness.

    • Learn little-known yet key aspects of the sun signs.

    • Unlock the power of your rising sign, moon sign, and nodes.

    • Use the astrological elements to transform your life.



Why I Developed Astrology Made Easy

Hi Friend!

One of the things you may not know about me is I’ve been studying astrology for over 30 years. Yep, I’ve been in the closet as an astrology expert… until now!

Understanding astrology has helped me in all areas of my life, from my personal and spiritual development to my relationships and career. It’s also enhanced my psychic and mediumship abilities. In fact, I’m known to do mini readings for friends.

I developed this course at the urging of my colleagues. They’ve been listening to my astrological insights over the years and insisted we put them into a course that would help others. I finally agreed!

I know astrology will make make a HUGE difference in your life too!

That’s why I created Astrology Made Easy.

What you learn in this course will enable you to fully activate the incredible power of astrology in your own life.

Astrology Made Easy is very different from anything I’ve ever done. I think you’ll find it incredibly refreshing and helpful. Plus… it’s FUN!

I can’t wait to work with you inside this course. Our journey will be filled with miracles, love, joy, and of course, guidance from the stars!

Love, James

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What Makes Astrology Made Easy so Awesome?

This course is the ultimate for anyone who wants a clear understanding of the fundamentals of astrology.

It puts the power of astrology into YOUR hands. So many people are curious about astrology but find it too complex to do on their own.  They assume they must go to a fancy expensive astrologer for insight.  But, the truth is, astrology is very easy to understand with the right teaching.

In Astrology Made Easy, I teach you the most important facets of astrology in a clear way and show you easily apply what you learn to your own life. I even give you a step-by-step process for reading a natal chart!

It covers what you need to know to EASILY make astrology work for you. So many people just read their sun-sign horoscope in a newspaper or magazine and find it lacking in insight. (Am I right?!) The truth is, most of those horoscopes are just a very tiny part of the picture.

To fully benefit from astrology, you need to delve beyond the sun signs. This course includes insight that’s impossible to gain from the commonly known sun-sign profiles. There are many facets of astrology that are crucial to understanding yourself, your past and your future. In this course, we cover the most important ones, including the nodes, the planets, the houses, the ascendants, and

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Studying Astrology Will Change Your Life!

Over the last thousands of years, astrology has played a prominent role in entire civilizations, the major decisions of world leaders and in the lives of millions of people. It's been said that even U.S. Presidents have consulted the stars and planets before making decisions. Yep... astrology is that powerful.

Here's the thing though... if you want to tap into the transformative power of astrology, you have to sit down and get clear on what it all means - from your birth chart and signs to planetary movements, retrogrades and more.

Here's why studying astrology will change your life...

You'll finally understand why you're here. Your Astrological Birth Chart is a blueprint of you and your life. Through studying it, you'll learn why you're here, who you are, and what you need to do in this lifetime. What's your life purpose? Why didn't your last relationship work out? Why do you keep struggling that old pattern? The answers are all in your natal chart!

You'll finally understand the people around you. Why does that one colleague drive you crazy? Why did your ex act the way they did? How can you improve your relationship? Is this new love interest right for you? Through the study of astrology, you'll have all these answers. It's such an amazing tool for improving your relationships!

You'll have insights into the future. Astrology is a POWERFUL predictive tool. And I'm not talking about those basic weekly horoscopes in the newspaper! When you study the different facets of astrology (as we do in this course), you can use it to get powerful insights into what's in store for you tomorrow and 1-80 years from now. When are you likely to meet a new love? What should you focus on tomorrow? What will your life be like in the coming year. The answers are all in the stars!

You'll be able to work with the powerful energies of the cosmos.When should you make that career move? When should you launch your new service? When is the right time to bring up a difficult conversation? Why are you feeling so down? Planetary movements, eclipses, moon phases and retrogrades all have the exact answers! When you understand how these elements impact you, you'll able to make the most of their energies.

You'll deepen your mediumship, psychic, coaching, and healing abilities. Astrology is a powerful tool that helps you strengthen your innate abilities. I personally use astrology as a gateway into understanding all the people I coach and work with!

More than anything though....

Now is the time to study astrology because your soul is guiding you to do so.

Chances are, this course will give you the answers you're seeking right now.

Otherwise, your soul wouldn't have nudged you here to read this.

Here’s a sneak peek into your astrology journey…


Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Astrology — Little-Known Aspects of the Sun Signs and Elements!

If you want to unlock the magic of astrology in your life, it's crucial that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. This first lesson takes you into the fun world of astrology and sheds new light on this ancient tool. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How astrology works and how it's been used for thousands of years.
  • All about the sun signs and the surprising aspects of each.
  • All about the elements and how they impact you and others.
  • And much more!

Lesson 2: All About Rising Signs, Planetary Influences and Astrological Houses

Now, we take things up a notch with a fascinating look into some of the most crucial yet rarely talked about aspects of astrology. And we start our journey into YOUR natal chart. You’ll:

  • Discover the unique facets of your Ascendant— that is, your rising sign— and what it says about your personality.
  • Learn about the influence each of the planets has over you and others.
  • Take a journey through each of the houses of astrology.
  • And much more!

Lesson 3: How to Read a Natal Chart

This is a truly the most information-packed lesson! Now, we delve deep into your birth chart and how to read it. You’ll:

  • Learn how to read your chart and the charts of others - yep, we get into the really intricate details of aspects, cusps and more.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the astrological houses and planetary influences.
  • Learn how to understand your past and predict your future using charts.
  • Discover the surprising aspects of a chart.
  • Get insight into your life purpose and what you're supposed to learn in this lifetime.
  • And much more!

Plus, I share my natal chart with you and go over it — all to help you more deeply apply what you’re learning!

Lesson 4: Unlocking the Power of Cosmic Events

You know those times when everything goes haywire, and you can't figure out why? Or when you feel sad and introspective for seemingly no reason? Chances are, you’re being affected by a cosmic event, such as a full moon or retrograde! In this lesson, we cover the ins and outs of the cosmic events and talk about how they impact us. You’ll learn:

  • About the magic of the moon and how to make the most of its cycles.
  • All about eclipses and what to do and not do during them.
  • How the Saturn Return can change your life.
  • How to make the most of solstices and equinoxes.
  • The proven keys to making planet retrogrades work for you.

“Van Praagh has changed people’s lives….It is impossible not to be moved.”

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One more cool thing….

I’ve also created a very special visualization library with immersions to help you make astrological energy work for you!

In addition to the 24 video trainings and written materials, you’ll also receive several immersions, including….

Awakening Your North Node – This special meditation will help you tap into the power of your personal “North Node.” This is so crucial because your North Node encompasses what you need to do and be in this lifetime!

Making the Most of a Full Moon – This powerful immersion is designed for you to do anytime there’s a full moon. It will help you get grounded in the midst of the the heightened emotions and intense energy.

Making the Most of a New Moon – Did you know that each New Moon offers a powerful opportunity to create what you want – in any and every area?
In this special immersion, you’ll use your higher self to tap into the “new beginning” energy that comes with each New Moon!

These are truly GAME-CHANGERS!

Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get in Astrology Made Easy

Your 24+ Training Videos: $960
Your Astrology Course Manual: $30
On Demand Coaching Calls with Me: $30
Your Astrology Meditation Immersions: $60

Total value: $1080


Get this full course, plus the astrology immersions for a huge savings!

Flowers in hands

You’re Protected with My Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident Astrology Made Easy will help you understand astrology and use it in your life, providing you do the coursework. So I’m offering a risk-free guarantee!

How your guarantee works: Enroll now and join us for the first lesson. You must do all the course work for lesson and log into the course portal at least twice. If you take this action and still find the course isn’t helping you, I’ll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note that refund requests must be submitted within 2 days of starting the course.

About Your Mentor, Spiritual Teacher James Van Praagh

As one of the world’s most sought-after spiritual teachers, James Van Praagh has spent over 35 years helping millions of people. He has appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, Dr. Phil and many other TV programs. He is also the author of several New York Times bestselling books, including Adventures of the Soul and Talking to Heaven. There’s much more to James than his massive expertise though. James believes in YOU. He knows you have the power within you to be or do anything you want. He is dedicated to giving you the tools, strategies and support to help you awaken your most sacred gifts.

Praise for James Van Praagh and his Teachings

“Van Praagh has changed people’s lives, banished the fear of death, and brought grieving parents the solace of their dead children’s presence….It is impossible not to be moved.”—Newsweek

James Van Praagh helps a lot of people. I think he’s on this earth right now at this time and place to heal. He is the real thing.—Shirley McLaine

“James leads you on a journey that will make you question what you think you know about heaven and the afterlife.”—John Edwards, host of Crossing Over

“James inspires us to look beyond what’s in front of us. With an open mind and heart, you can truly learn what his life and gift teaches.”—Jennifer Love Hewitt


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