Spend an extraordinary day in conversation with the loved one you dearly miss.

Receive their loving guidance to help you on your journey.

Heal and forgive on all levels

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences you can ever have. Whether the death happens suddenly or was expected, the void you feel in your life is profound and unimaginable. You may be left with so many unanswered questions about his or her passing. You may have regrets and feel there were so many things that were left unsaid.

Most of all, you wish you could have just one more day with him or her.

One more day to chat with your mom. To feel the loving touch of your husband. To chuckle with your sibling. To even have one more disagreement.

Now, you can have that special visit and heal on the most powerful level!

In this incredibly unique online course, renowned medium James Van Praagh guides you through a series of groundbreaking processes that allow you to spend a day with your loved one in Spirit.

On this special day, you will:

  • Have that conversation you’ve been wanting to have with your loved one.
  • Receive several signs and messages from your loved one.
  • Take a tour of the Other Side and see what your loved one is up to now.
  • Be guided by your loved one to uncover a soul gift which you have not been aware of before.
  • Develop renewed faith and trust that your loved one is always with you and their love is eternal.
  • And much more!

How the Course Works:

This special course consists of several on demand audio downloads you will use at various intervals throughout the day. You get to choose what day to take your journey. Each download contains insight from James and a process to help you connect with your loved one. You’ll also have enlightening assignments throughout your day to help you deepen that connection.

Best of all, you can take this course over and over again — you can spend the one day with one spirit and another day with someone else!


Your Itinerary for A Day in the Spirit World


Morning – Ascend to the Spirit World

With me gently guiding you in this brilliant mind journey, you’ll let go of everything that is weighing you down and expand your own light until you become The Light. Soon, you’ll arrive safely into the Spirit World and meet with your loved one on the edge of the etheric.

You’ll then develop a sacred altar for your loved one and take part in an expansive exercise which allows you to travel through space and time.

Afternoon – Arrive at the Ethers

With me guiding you further, you’ll take a journey through the stream of light and discover a sacred symbol, which will have a message for you. You’ll then meet soul-to-soul with your loved one and have a heart-felt conversation with him/her. As you connect further, your loved one will take you deeper into the Spirit World and show you what his/her experience is like now. You’ll even take a tour of his/her living quarters! Finally, you’ll visit the Fountain of Knowing where you’ll open up to the love of the angels and bring back any new awareness you need to have about your own life.

You’ll then enjoy a magical afternoon as you energize your symbol and take part in a special activity with your loved one.

Evening – Tour the Brilliance

Now, you’ll enter the brilliance to share more time with your loved one in a visit to the many realms of the Spirit World, where you’ll gain greater awareness of humanity. You’ll see how different souls live in the various spheres of the spirit world. You’l then experience the profound love, deep healing and creativity of the halls in the higher realms. With loving guidance, you’ll come to meet your guides, who will give you a very special symbol and message that will help you on your journey.

When you awake from this profound experience, you’ll receive a special message from a guide and make your own set of spirit cards to help you communicate with your loved one.

Bedtime – Experience Healing on All Levels

You’ll join your loved one up in heaven, where you’ll experience complete harmony and happiness. With your loved one guiding you, you’ll visit a reflective garden, which will take you through your past, present and future. You’ll finally understand the meaning you have brought here to the world. With this new awareness of your brilliance, you are free to be your true self and you’ll feel a renewed connection, knowing that your loved one is always with you.

At this very moment, your loved one wants to connect with you. To share messages of love, to clear up old pains, to guide you through the ups and downs, to show you what life is like on the Other Side.


So, what are you waiting for?

Come spend a Day in the Spirit World and your life will never be the same.