The JVP Mediumship Certification Level I


This is your rare chance to master the art of mediumship with one of the most renowned spiritual mediums in the world! In this innovative online course, James Van Praagh teaches YOU the very tools and exercises he has used over the past 30 years.

28 Days to Total Transformation


28 Days to Total Transformation is like no other online course available today. Drawing from his 35 years as a world-renowned spiritual teacher, James Van Praagh has worked with Spirit to design highly specialized processes and action steps that enable you to tap into the very depths of your soul, where lasting change happens…

Enhancing Your Intuition


Get the answers you need in this extraordinary 10 week course specifically designed to assist you in expanding your awareness, enhancing your intuition, and learning to connect with the spirit of both departed loved ones and other helpful…

Meditation Tools Program


Open your body, mind and spirit in this deep meditation program as James Van Praagh shares with you powerful techniques to assist in centering yourself and opening your body, mind and spirit to the worlds within you and surrounding you. You will…

Spirit Speaks – Meditation Program


This is the day you’ve wished for — your time to finally reunite with your loved one on the Other Side, to have that conversation you didn’t get to have in the physical realm, and to get messages to heal your soul…