One Day To Unconditional Self-Love

An Online Course with James Van Praagh

Dear Friends,

Welcome to One Day to Unconditional Self-Love! I’m beyond thrilled you’re taking this course and dedicating this time to yourself.
Because you count! You deserve to make yourself a priority. And most of all, you deserve your own love and affection.
All the course material is on this page. Please read on for your instructions, then scroll down for all your audio immersions and exercises.


How the Course Works:

You can choose any day that is convenient for you to do this course.

This special course consists of four Mind Journey Immersions you will listen to at various intervals throughout your chosen day.

Each audio download contains a very special process to help you tap into the power of unconditional self-love. I’ll also be giving you special assignments to do throughout your day to help you let go of any blocks that are keeping you from truly accepting yourself.

Preliminary Instructions

You will want to set aside this day for yourself. Make sure you have nothing planned that you don’t enjoy doing.

Before your day, find a special notebook to use as your “Self-Love Journal.” Ideally, visit a bookstore and pick out a beautiful blank book that speaks to you. Or, get a notebook and decorate it. After each immersion, you’ll spend some time journalling and writing down all the insights you have. You will never have this day again, so it’s important to create a travel diary you can look back on anytime you are feeling the need to tap into your true self-loving essence.

The night before your day:

  • Take some time to choose a special spot in your home, where you will do these immersions. Make it beautiful and comfortable. Add a photograph of yourself as a child — one that makes you smile. Also add something that reminds you of your innocence and true nature. It could be a picture you drew as a child, something you’ve had since you were young, or anything that simply makes you feel connected to your higher self.
  • Choose what to wear for your day. Pick out clothing that makes you feel great and special. Consider wearing something a little extravagant!
  • Finally take some time to write out an intention in your self-love journal. What do you hope to achieve in your special day?

Morning: Remembering Who You Are

Do this immersion with me upon waking – ideally before breakfast. With me as your guide, you’ll connect with your inner light and give yourself permission to shine bright just as you are.


Reflecting the Light: After your immersion, go to a mirror and allow yourself to sense the light around you. Be the curious child. Look for colors and note how far out your light goes.

Illuminating Yourself: In your self-love journal, use the following prompts to help you tap into your truest, most light-filled, authentic self.

  • As a young child, I saw life as…
  • I am…
  • One thing I know for sure right now is…
  • The last thing I want to talk about is…
  • I secretly desire…
  • One thing I may be denying is…
  • I feel most happy when…
  • What I love about myself…
  • I feel most loved when…
  • As a child, I was happiest when…
  • One of my absolute favorite memories is…
  • What holds me back from being who I am…

Early Afternoon: Tap into the Magic of Self-Forgiveness

After lunch, please do this mind journey. Listen in as I lead you through a special process for forgiving yourself and others.


Create a Self-Forgiveness Altar: This is for you to honor yourself. Place any objects that you feel connected to and anything that represents self-forgiveness to you. Then place a bowl in the center. Write down anything you still need to forgive. Place it in the bowl. Next, have a ceremony of release! Light the paper over the bowl and watch as each of those items on that list are released to the universe.

Write a letter to “Past You.” In your journal, write a letter to you in the past. What does present you have to tell past you? Start with Dear Beautiful You… then congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come. Tell yourself what you love about yourself, give yourself a pat on the back for all of your accomplishments. Most importantly, give yourself forgiveness for any guilt or regret you’ve been holding onto. Remind yourself that you did the best you could.

Early Evening: Releasing Negativity

Do this mind journey just before dinner. Tune in as I guide you to let go of anything that is weighing you down.


Create a Spirit Jar or Box: Find an empty jar with a lid or box and decorate it with self-loving symbols. Next, cut out some pieces of paper to keep next to the jar. On each paper, write something that is weighing you down. It may be a situation you’re worried about, a negative thought… really anything that is energetically heavy for you. Next place the paper in the jar and affirm that you’re releasing the negativity to Spirit. Keep some extra papers on hand. Every time you feel negative energy over the next week, write down whatever comes to mind and put it in the jar or box.

Before Bedtime: Your New Love Reality

Later in the evening, take this mind journey to solidify the full essence of the love that you are.


Love Letter to Yourself: In your journal, write a love letter to yourself. Write anything that comes to mind. Absolutely anything! Don’t edit yourself.

Create a card for “Future You:” This will be a card that you will open 1 year from now. You can buy a card, but ideally you should create it. Have fun with this! Get out some paper, fold it and draw or paint a scene on the front. OR cut out some images and paste them on. On the inside, write yourself a message. What does future you need to know? What message do you have for him or her?

End of Course