Psychic Portals: Lesson 5


Mastering Clairailence and Clairgustance

Meditation: Clear Smelling

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Journal Exercise: Sensing Scent

This is a secondary sense and harder to develop, although many people will find that this ability is strong within them. You can do this exercise in a number of ways. First, go to your refrigerator and pick out any leftover vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, or dishes you have saved. Put them all on a counter. Find some kind of blindfold to use— one that you cannot see through. Now, make sure you place yourself in a room in which you will not be disturbed. Place the blindfold on your eyes. Go through the centering and breathing exercise to bring yourself back to center.

Once you’re centered in your being, I want you to hold up each item to your nose and smell it. Write down the “nuances” of the scent. What flavor does it smell like if you were to describe it? What does it evoke within you? What meaning does it have?

Once you have smelled each one and written down your experiences, read what you wrote. How did you describe them?
Another exercise is to get about ten different spices. Put each on a different spoon. Lay the spoons out before you and with the blindfold on, smell each one on the spoon. Write down your experiences.

The last part of this exercise, is to think of a person in your life who passed into the world of spirit. Let your memory take you to a time of a certain scent they would remind you of, for instance a pipe tobacco smell, a perfume, a flower, an aftershave, or a favorite food. Practice them coming to you in the form of a scent. Track your experiences in your journal.

Meditation: Clear Tasting

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Journal Exercise: Experiencing Taste

This is another ability although seen as secondary is very important in developing your psychic and mediumistic abilities. Many times it can assist you in how someone died, such as the bitter taste of a chemical known in poisons, drugs or medications. Here is an exercise to journal. You can do this at home if you have the supplies or go to an eatery where you can get as varied choices of foods possible. The idea is to get a bite full of at least ten different and varied foods such as bitter almonds, lemon, a spicy sauce, a piece of fruit, a sweet desert, etc.…

Once you have these foods in front of you, bring yourself to a neutral, centered state. Now, take one food at a time and put it in your mouth and taste it. But, besides tasting it, let your taste buds explore and experience it. Can you detect different spices or flavors in each? Are your taste buds active or not? Eat a variety of flavors and textures, enjoying a plethora of varied flavors. Again write down how your body reacts or psychically what you pick up with each flavor.