Psychic Portals: Lesson 4


Mastering Clairaudience

Meditation: Clear Hearing

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Journal Exercise: The Gathering

Again sit quiet and focus on your breath as it takes you to that centered spot of your being. Slowly, do not rush. Become aware of the ears of the body and, at the same time, try to imagine that your ears grow outward and upward and begin to take in sounds and words which are directed from a higher world. Notice the nuances of the sounds and the meanings of the words. Be patient, this takes several times to sit and have an experience. If you feel you’re making it up, that is normal. Notice the pitch and tune may change or you just may hear sounds that are “otherworldly.” Be open to how the Spirit world would like to initiate your psychic sense of hearing. Write down all your experiences.

Next, imagine that you are sitting in a room far away in a different part of your house. There is a gathering of people there, try to hear all the conversations at one time. With practice you’re able to distinguish each voice and conversation from another. You may of course do this exercise many times in order to enhance your focus and abilities.

Make Your Own Spirit Soundtrack

Sit in a quiet room and record the “white noise” on your phone. Then take some time to meditate. After you have done so for at least ten minutes, listen back to this recording. What do you hear?