Psychic Portals: Lesson 3


Mastering Claircognizance

Meditation: Clear Knowing

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Journal Exercise: Messages from Higher Realms

As you start again, it is very important to bring yourself to a meditative, receptive state as we have done with our previous senses. Remember the hint, to always close the eyes and ride the breath. Now, make sure you have a pen and a journal to write the insights. When you’re ready, begin to focus on your crown chakra as a beam ray of blue white light opening up and with your thoughts sending the beam up as far as you can go. You may even imagine that this beam of light is like a hot air balloon that is floating higher and higher. As you float up, you may be mindful of the difference in the frequency. Know that as you bring your mind to a higher altitude, you are connecting with your higher self (all knowing) and also your guides and angelic kingdom. You will for sure feel the difference in the energy.

Now, in your mind ask any single question you like. Hold your pen and begin to write down as fast as you can any words or information which comes through. Do not think, just write. You will know when the energy drops—that is when you should stop writing. You may sign it either from your higher self, a guide or an angelic being, whoever you feel is the author.

Read your answer. In the future, if you want insight on a person or a situation, bring yourself to the same level, write their name or situation on the page, and begin to write. The answer will flow through you.

Make Your Own Ouija Board!

Remember how I used an ouija board to tap into my clear knowing in one of the lesson videos? You can too! I want you to make your own board. Google some pictures of ouija boards, then get either a piece of cardboard or wood. You can also do this on a piece of paper if needed. Design the board as you feel guided.

Then use it just as I did in the video!