Psychic Portals: Lesson 2


Meditation: Clear Feeling

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Journal Exercise: Riding Energy Waves

Focus on your breath only. Sense the Aura expanding and the sensations of energy outside the body or within the body. You may start to feel tingling outside or within. Or you may begin to feel a sense of bubbles rising from the top to the bottom. Attune yourself with your mind to ride the energy waves which rise up and out. Explore and understand how it feels as energy moves up and around you. Characterize this overall feeling and write it down.

When you have accomplished this fully, I want you to think of a negative thought and now become aware of how it changes the energy field within and around you. The more you do this, the more you will begin to understand how fear and negativity affect your natural soul state. Write down your experiences and from now on, when you “meet” someone, try to feel their energy first and become aware of what his or her waves feel like. You will become very attune to what their natural energy is like and how their thoughts affect their flow of the life-force.

Make Your Own Blessed Blindfold:

Remember how I used a blindfold in one of the above videos? I want you to make your own! Why not just buy one? Because a tool you create on your own carries much more energy and meaning. Here are some options for you:

1. You could go get some fabric or order some online. Choose what FEELS right! You can either cut it and add an elastic to go around the back of your head or just tie it at the back of your head.

2. Recycle a piece of clothing or a fabric item that has meaning to you. (For example, perhaps a loved one in spirit left behind a bunch of T shirts.)

3. Buy a blindfold similar to the one I have on and decorate it!

Then practice readings with your blindfold, just as I did in the video.