Psychic Portals: Lesson 1


Meditation: Clear Seeing

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Journal Exercise: The Seeing Stage

Begin by bringing yourself to center by focusing on the breath. The breath will come to a place of rest. Concentrate your awareness on the middle of your forehead, which is called the “third-eye” center. Then sense how you feel and what you experience. Write it down and what the meaning is behind what you are experiencing.

Next, bring yourself back to center again and focus on the spot on your forehead.
When you feel centered, send out a thought to the Universe that you are releasing any fear, limitations or pre-conceived ideas of what you will see clairvoyantly.

Imagine that you’re sitting in front of a stage with a closed red curtain. Now with the power of your own mind, slowly open the curtain…let it go to either side. Send out another thought that you’re ready to see a vision which your higher self wants you to see and which will serve your highest good.
Write down your experiences.

Now, do this exercise again, but this time ask for the Spirit world to impress your clairvoyance by seeing someone from the Spirit world quite clearly. Take it to another level and quickly write down what you see.

Make Your Own Mandala of Sight:

To help you tap into the power of clairvoyance, I want you to make your own mandala!

Get a piece of paper, some markers, crayons or colored pencils, and a jar or circular object you can use to create circles. For inspirational ideas, I recommend doing an Internet search for the word mandala and checking out some of those photos.

Then spend a few minutes getting centered. And begin you creation!

Remember, there is no right or wrong. Create what comes to you.

When you’re finished, spend a few minutes getting centered with you breath. Then gaze into the mandala. What comes to you? Write it down.

You can use this anytime you want to open this portal, just as I used the bowl in the Object Gazing video lesson. I also recommend hanging it on a wall where you’ll see it daily.