A Day in the Spirit World


A Day in the Spirit World

An Online Course with James Van Praagh

Dear Friends,
Welcome to A Day in the Spirit World, the groundbreaking online course with me, James Van Praagh! I’m so thrilled to have you taking this course.

This is the day you’ve wished for — your time to finally reunite with your loved one on the Other Side, to have that conversation you didn’t get to have in the physical realm, and to get messages to heal your soul.
All of your course files and exercises are located on this page.
Here’s a special Q&A conference call I held on A Day in the Spirit World. You may want to listen to this beforehand. I talk about what to do when you have a busy mind, how to surrender to what’s coming through, how to tell the difference between your imagination and messages, and much more.

Conference Call – Download

In addition, I’ve created a guidebook with all the exercises and space for you to write. This will allow you to keep a record of your day! I’ve also created Spirit Cards, which you need to print out ahead of time. You will use these cards during your evening immersion.

Guidebook – Download
Spirit Cards – Download

I hope you’re as excited about this special day as I am for you!


How the Course Works:

You can choose any day that is convenient for you to do this course.

This special course consists of several Mind Journey Immersions you will listen to at various intervals throughout your chosen day.

Each audio download contains a very special process to help you reunite with your loved one and receive insights into your soul’s journey. I’ll also be giving you enlightening assignments to do throughout your day to help you deepen that connection.


You will want to set aside this day for yourself. Clear your schedule of appointments and to-dos. Stay open and go where the day takes you.

Before your day, find a special “Meeting Place” where you will do most of your mind journey immersions and exercises. This is where you’ll meet with your loved one, so make sure it’s a place that resonates with your soul. If you choose a spot inside, make sure it has a window. Otherwise, find a beautiful spot in nature, ideally a garden.

I also recommend using the pages in the guidebook – or getting a special journal- to write down all the insights you have during this special day. You will never have this day again, so it’s important to create a travel diary you can look back on!

On the day you choose, follow the itinerary laid out below. There are 4 main audio Mind Journeys with exercises that follow – one set for the morning, one set for the afternoon, one set for the evening and one set for bedtime. If you have time in between — for example if you finish the morning Mind Journey and exercises before lunch — just spend that extra time in quiet enjoyment. Take a walk, meditate, do something to honor your loved one, etc.

Your Itinerary for Your Day in the Spirit World

The Night Before

The night before your Day in the Spirit World, listen to the introduction audio below and take some time to get grounded through either meditating using the mantra “I am one with Spirit” or taking a quiet walk. I also recommend setting an intention for your day. Write this down and put it in your Meeting Place.

Download Audio Here

The Morning

Morning Mind Journey: The Launch

Do this immersion with me upon waking – ideally before breakfast. With me gently guiding you, you’ll let go of everything that is weighing you down and expand your own light until you become The Light. Soon, you’ll arrive safely into the Spirit World and meet with your loved one on the edge of the etheric.

Download Audio Here


Your Altar of Love

Now that you’ve finished your mind journey, it’s time to make a sacred altar to further connect with your loved one! Choose a special area in your Meeting Place. It can be a table or you can use a beautiful tapestry or mat on the ground/ floor. Here you will put items that remind you of your loved one. You might include photos, something that belonged to him/her, something he/she gifted you and anything that represents spirit to you.

After you make your altar, take some time to just savor and sit with it!

Expansion of Awareness

The idea behind this exercise is to bring your mind to the awareness that you are a soul and as a soul you are able to move your perceptions in and out of the body by just utilizing your thoughts. Thought power is how we create in the physical and spiritual worlds. Go into this exercise with the basic understanding that the mind will follow the thoughts it creates. Start by going to your Meeting Place. If your Meeting Place is not outside, make sure it has a window. A garden is preferable, but if you are attempting this in a city environment a balcony will work as well. Just make sure you have a chair to sit in.

Begin by sitting straight up in the chair with your spine being fully erect. Close your eyes and imagine that you are a balloon tethered by a string. Very slowly with your mind imagine that you actually “are” the balloon and gradually begin to float upward toward the sky. Then imagine the string pulling you back toward the body. Continue letting your mind create this sensation of floating, higher and higher, a few feet at a time. Each time you go higher, gently pull the string so you are aware of the body. With each stretch you make, let your entire being expand with it and become “one” with the height and the sky. You realize that you are connected to it all. Do this for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

By becoming aware of just how you can manipulate your consciousness, you are able to venture forward and can travel anywhere, through space and time, by just using the power of your thoughts. With more and more expansion and imagination, you can have the feeling of touching the tops of trees, sky-scrapers and even clouds. Just let your mind have this experience and practice expanding and contracting.

The second part of this exercise is to be done after the expansion. After you expand your thoughts and awareness, imagine that you are able to meld with the energy of other life sources around you such as the center of a flower, the leaf on a tree, a bird flying above, the ant crawling around the ground. By being able to master the natural sense of perception, you will begin to see that the human body is very limited compared to the amazing worlds of other life forms, consciousness and dimensions. As you master this “mind travel,” you will bring yourself further into the world of the unseen and be able to connect with your spirit family just by your thoughts!

Early Afternoon

Afternoon Mind Journey: The Arrival

After lunch, please do The Arrival Mind Journey in your Meeting Place. With me guiding you further, you’ll take a journey through the stream of light and discover a sacred symbol, which will have a message for you. You’ll then meet soul-to-soul with your loved one and have a heart-felt conversation with him/her. Finally, you’ll visit the Fountain of Knowing where you’ll open up to the love of the angels and bring back any new awareness you need to have about your own life.

Download Audio Here


Energizing Your Symbol

As you journeyed in through the light porthole and brought yourself through to the higher dimensions of the other world, one of the first sights your attention was brought to, was a gold cup that was embossed with a unique symbol for you on its front. In this exercise, I would like you to close your eyes, bring yourself back to the rhythm of your breath and let your imagination place that symbol in the mirror of your mind. As you bring this symbol into your consciousness, go behind the symbol and begin to feel the meaning of it. You will begin to recognize and understand what your higher self is attempting to make you understand about the other aspects of your soul. What does this symbol represent to you? Explore its meaning in your own life. Remember that you are the caretaker of this beautiful, colorful light you recognize as the soul. As you explore higher consciousness, this symbol will become a major part in your development. This key opens you up to the unseen worlds and its insights. By utilizing this image, you will be able to have a clearer indication of meanings behind various situations you are experiencing in the human world.

You may also consider after becoming aware of this symbol with your inner-vision, attempt to draw it or color it onto a piece of paper. As you are doing this, you may receive “words” or phrases associated with your illustration. Write down key words for you to always associate with this symbol. When you are finished drawing, you may want to put it in a frame and have it around you, so that you will always be reminded of your soul’s expansive origin.

For the next week, as you are going through your various daily chores such as work, shopping, driving, etc.…ask your higher self to consciously influence your mind and bring your attention to this symbol, that you will be made aware of in many places right in front of you. Do not force this, just send out the intention and experience.

The Honoring

Take some time this afternoon to honor your loved one through an action. Do an activity that brought your loved one joy in the physical world.

Early Evening

Evening Mind Journey: The Tour

*Be sure to have your Soul’s Deck of Cards printed out for this Mind Journey.

Now, you’ll enter the brilliance to share more time with your loved one in a visit to the many realms of the Spirit World, where you’ll gain greater awareness of humanity. With loving guidance, you’ll come to meet your guides, who will give you a very special symbol and message that will help you on your journey.

Download Audio Here


Your Soul’s Deck of Cards

During your Tour, you had a visit with your guides. Try to remember one particular guide and a characteristic they possessed. Try and recognize that same characteristic with in you and become aware of how this particular guide influenced you through your life.

Next, you picked out one card which your soul resonated with. Let this first card be the beginning inspiration for you to create your OWN soul deck of seven cards. Each one of these cards should have some kind of an image on the front and an explanation on the reverse side. These “cards” are suggestions or “signposts” for your soul to consider in its ever expansive journey of integrating the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies together as one. You have been given a soul point for you to look at and utilize during your stay on schoolroom earth. Let these cards reawaken that eternal soul power within you and assist you in remembering the destiny points and lessons you chose to learn this time around.

Touring the Realms

Just as one would describe a foreign city to a friend, write down the various characteristics of the different realms you remember touring. What did you feel as you toured them?

Try to go back in your mind to a particular realm you experienced and once again, take a journey back. But this time, I want you to find a soul who needs your assistance. Perhaps they are lost or limited in his/her thinking. Once you find him/her, attempt to sit down with him/her and have a conversation about your knowledge and experience. How does he/she receive you? Write down all of your impressions.

Next, think about the souls on the lower spheres who are lost in their mindsets. Gently go through your own mind and recognize any areas in which you need to change and open up your way of thinking. Even start a new day with a new mindset and see how your day develops.

On our tour you were shown various schools, halls and places where souls live, study and do their work. While you were there, what schools were you surprised to learn about? If you were there, what kind of work or schooling do you think you would resonate with?

Finally, I’d like for you to schedule a time in the next few weeks for you to go volunteer in your neighborhood homeless shelter, soup kitchen, hospital or a place of need. Try to enlighten the heart of one person while you are there and note how you feel in doing this activity.

Before Bedtime

Bedtime Mind Journey: The Healing

You’ll join your loved one up in heaven, where you’ll experience complete harmony and happiness. With your loved one guiding you, you’ll visit a reflective garden, which will take you through your past, present and future. You will finally understand the meaning you have brought here to the world. With this new awareness of your brilliance, you are free to be your true self. And with the loving guidance of your loved one, you’ll feel a renewed connection, knowing that he or she is always with you.

Download Audio Here


The Healing

Take a moment to look into a full length mirror. As you do, try to imagine a star dust of golden light energy coming down from the heavens into your head and moving through the body. As it descends into the body, try to intuitively feel if there are any blocks inside the body or mind which blocks out the light and won’t let it through?
Write down which areas of your life in the emotional, spiritual, mental or physical aspects that are in disharmony. Why are they in disharmony? The answers should be fast flowing and observational. You are not judging yourself, just on a knowledge-gaining exploration. What changes in your life do you need to make in order to bring yourself into complete balance? Set up a “goal calendar” for you to accomplish these transformations.

The Thank You Note

After spending a day with your loved one in Spirit, now is a great time to sit down and write him or her a “thank you” letter. Let her know how much you enjoyed the visit and tell her the highlights. Also as you continue to write the letter, tell him how different he appeared to you now and things you found out about him you never knew before.

Your Travel Diary

Take some time to journal about your experience today. Consider the following:

Look at your life as a play and give it a title. Write down all of the characters especially the one you spent time with in the Spirit world. What character did he/she act out in your play and why was his/her role so important to the play?

Did this visit help you to realize he/she is always with you? How will your life be different now?

Write down different signs he/she will be giving you in the physical world for you to know when he/she is trying to get through to you.

Lastly, sit in the stillness and see how long you are able to be there.

Moving Forward

In the next few weeks attempt to fulfill a goal or desire your loved one had but was not able to complete it before he/she left. Do it for him or her.

Congrats! Your journey is complete. I’m so proud of you for all the work you’ve done. Remember, even though your day is complete, your loved one is still with you, guiding you, and loving you.
With Love and Gratitude,