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You’re strongest psychic sense is…

Also known as the Empath, your ‘clear feeling’ gives you the gift of physically feeling information. You tend to listen to your ‘Gut’ which rarely fails you. You are extremely tuned-in to the emotional and physical feelings of another person’s past, present, and future. You may have a distinct sensitivity to touch and smell. Many Clairsentients work as Massage Therapists, Reki Masters, or with Animal Specialists.

You can further develop your inate ‘feeling’ abilities of clairsentience by sitting in a busy place, like a coffee shop and select an employee to focus on. Deeply imagine what they are feeling, imagining all the details of their day and life. Are they happy? Why? Practice this exercise regularly.

In the video below, I share a special exercise to help you further develop your uniqiue psychic strength!

Want to know your future? Wish you could hear Spirit? Want to easily read the energy of others?

Take your clair abilities to a whole new level with Opening Your Psychic Portals!

This is THE ULTIMATE training program for getting to the next level of your development. Over 38 videos, I lead you through a series of experiential techniques to help you MASTER clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and more. You’ll:

  • Get psychic information into the past, present, and future. (For yourself and others!)
  • Further understand your claircognizant abilities and develop this strength further.
  • Strengthen your mediumship abilities—receive clear messages from Spirit.
  • Gain confidence to trust your intuition—make decisions quickly.
  • Learn different methods for using each clair sense in psychic vs. mediumship readings.
  • Create your very own psychic tools for fully opening each sense.

Whether you’re a beginner who simply wants to develop your intuition or an advanced psychic medium who desires to improve your readings, you’ll be astounded by the spiritual power you unlock in this course.

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Here’s what students have had to say about Opening Your Psychic Portals!

We get tons of comments every week. Here’s just a few of what students have said about Opening Your Psychic Portals:

I would recommend psychic portals to everyone at any level. I have been healing with reiki for many years and taken many other classes in psychic / medium development. This class engages your clairs easily and it flows from one lesson to next. It really does open the senses and knowledge.- Michelle

I believe this is what I’ve been looking for all my life, over the years I have always said to myself, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” as in the song of U2. Time will tell and for now this course seems to resonate with my soul, as too does James’ love and energy, here’s to an exciting journey, thank you JVP for the opportunity. ~ Mate

I have taken the Psychic Course and recently began the Mediumship Course. The Psychic course taught me grounding, running my energy, etc, which I previously had no knowledge. It also helped me to validate the “gifts” that are God-given, and helped me realize that I am not an outsider, but am a unique soul. ~ Pam

Register now to receive 30% off. Just use the coupon code: portals30

Click Here – Learn About Opening Your Psychic Portals!