Psychic Portals


Welcome to Psychic Portals!

Congratulations on taking this life-changing step for yourself.

This is the ultimate training program that shows you how to tap into your intuition, receive clearer psychic insights, and unleash your mediumistic potential. I’ll take you on a fun and insightful journey into each of your psychic portals.

Please read on for important details about this on demand course.

How the Course Works

The course consists of 5 video lessons, audio meditations and exercises.

I recommend you spend a full week working on each of the lessons and do them in the order they are set up.

Video Lessons:

You may watch the videos any time of day. Just be sure it’s a time when you aren’t distracted. Most of the videos are experiential and include exercises for you to do with me or right after.


Each lesson also includes a short meditation to help you strengthen that particular psychic portal. Please listen to this meditation at least once a day during the week.

Journal Exercises:

I’ve included a journal exercise for each portal. I recommend doing each lesson’s journal exercises at least a few times — yes, repeat them! You’ll be amazed at the new information you will receive!

Likewise, I recommend that you write in your journal after each video lesson and the meditations. Doing so will further help you open up. And, this way you can look back and see how far you’ve come!

And remember, you can take this course over and over again! Each time, you’ll take your abilities to another level.

Most importantly, take your time and have fun with it! Remember, this is a process. If you don’t get something right away, do not beat yourself up. Take a breather and try again. There is no wrong or right in the spiritual world!

Student Facebook Page:

I’ve set up a special Facebook Page for students to chat about course concepts and get to know one another. I also check in often and answer your questions. Click here to join the page.

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