The Love Council

Dear Friend,

Welcome! I’m so honored to be here with you. In this special seminar, I channel insights from my Council of guides.These glorious Spirits are here to impart profound insights to help you live in the vibration of love.

As a “mental medium,” I’m often “overshadowed” or influenced by the communicators who are coming through to me. Many times, I’ll even take on the physical appearance or verbal personalities of the departed. The control of the medium by the communicators varies depending on the amount of surrendering by the medium. For many years as I sat in development, my guides and teachers have changed.

Over the past three years, the emphasis has changed in frequency and the teachings have been about the healing force of love. The first of my Council’s insights were recorded in my newly published book The Power of Love and in my Love Activation Cards, all to show people how they can use their thoughts to open up to this great power. When I open up to The Council, there is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness. Immediately my heart rate and breathing both slow down. I leave the consciousness of my body and am almost in suspended animation with my thoughts… as if I am in a different room. The Council speaks directly through my consciousness.

Before you watch, I wanted to share a few recommendations.

First, take some time to center yourself before starting the videos. When you’re grounded and calm, you’ll be much more open to the insights shared.

Also, I recommend having a journal with you, so you can write down any insights that come to mind while you watch. I also share some homework in the final video, which you should write about in your journal.

Finally, have fun and enjoy the healing!


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The Attract Your Soulmate Seminar.

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