Bringing Heaven Home

An Online Course with James Van Praagh

Dear Friends,
Welcome to Bringing Heaven Home, the illuminating online course with me, James Van Praagh! I’m so thrilled to have you taking this course.

I designed this course to help you reunite with the loved ones you miss most and to help you heal from any loneliness or grief you may be feeling right now. During your special day, you’ll ascend to the light where you’ll have several conversations with your loved ones, your guides, and the angels.

All of your course files and exercises are located on this page.

I hope you’re as excited about this special day as I am for you!


How the Course Works:

You can choose any day that is convenient for you to do this course.

This special course consists of several Mind Journey Immersions you will listen to at various intervals throughout your chosen day. There are two “versions” of this course – one with a set of exercises to do around a special holiday and one with exercises to do any day of the year. You can do this course multiple times, including any time you’re missing your loved ones or feeling lonely. Or on a special day such as your birthday, your loved ones birthday or Christmas. Each time you’ll receive different insights. Whatever day you pick, you will receive all the messages you need.

Each audio download contains an illuminating process to help you connect with your loved one, guides and angels and receive their powerful messages. I’ll also be giving you fun assignments to do throughout your day to help you connect even more deeply.


You will want to set aside this day for yourself. Clear your schedule of appointments and to-dos. Stay open and go where the day takes you. Make this YOUR special day. Even if you don’t do this on the exact holiday, it should still feel like a holiday to you.

Before your day, create a “Sacred Space” where you will do most of your mind journey immersions and exercises. This is where you’ll meet with your loved one and guides, so make sure it’s a place that resonates with your soul. Also, I want you to decorate this space with items that remind you of your loved one and/or make you feel joyful. You might put up lights, create an altar, and include some decorations that hold special memories.

I also recommend creating a Heaven Home Journal to write down all the insights you have during this special day. You will never have this day again, so it’s important to create a travel diary you can revisit whenever you’re feeling called. You can either buy a journal in advance (just make sure it’s one that speaks to you!) or get a notebook and decorate it with a holiday spirit theme.

On the day you choose, follow the itinerary laid out below. There are 5 main audio Mind Journeys with exercises that follow – one set for the night before, one set for the morning, one set for the afternoon, one set for the evening and one set for bedtime. If you have time in between — for example if you finish the morning Mind Journey and exercises before lunch — spend that free time doing something that makes you feel connected with spirit.


Your Itinerary for Bringing Heaven Home

The Night Before

The night before your Day in the Spirit World, listen to the Preparing for Your Journey audio below. With me guiding you, you’ll set an intention for who you’d like to connect with and start your healing journey to light. After you listen, write down all the insights you receive in your journal.

I also recommend that you pick out your own special outfit to wear tomorrow. Choose something that makes you feel joyful and reminds you of either your inner spirit or your loved one.


Morning Mind Journey: Embarking on Your Journey

Do this immersion with me upon waking – ideally before breakfast. With me gently guiding you, you’ll experience a profound awakening of gratitude, love, and peace as your step into the light. Soon, you’ll sit on a bench with your loved one in spirit and have a healing conversation. You’ll also receive two very special gifts, which are infused with meaning.


Re-Awaken a Memory
Closing your eyes and take a moment to breathe through the body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Let your mind go to areas of the body where there is tension and as you become aware of any stress or tension in that area, you can envision that the next inhalation melts that tension away and it is released with the exhalation. Every part of the body feels as one. You feel perfectly centered in your connection with your higher-self. Let your higher self, tell you exactly what needs to be revealed to you. Write down one of your favorite memories from this life time. Bring this memory into the current time. As you write down this memory, become aware of how it makes you feel. How can you use this feeling or memory now, to open up yourself to those in the spirit world such as your angels, guides and spirit family and let this loving energy open you up to their loving energy for you?

Live a Good Memory
Reawaken the joy you’ve experienced! You can either recreate a memory you shared with your loved one who is now in spirit by re-experiencing it again in the physical world. Or, you can recreate a memory that is yours alone. Perhaps something you did as a child.

Spirit Messages
Bring yourself to center. Now, on a blank piece of paper write down the name of a person in the Spirit world you want to know more about. Send out a thought and intention that you are ready for them to come into to world and share insights, information and messages. Write each message and insight down on the paper. You can do this with any Spirit you choose. The message may be long or short, that is up to you and them.

Holiday Exercises:

The Holiday Card
Create a special holiday card for your loved one in spirit and/or your spirit guide. Allow your soul to guide you as your decorate the outside of the card and write a special message on the inside.

Ignite Your Holiday Miracle
Miracles aren’t just for “special people.” They are the birthright of ALL people. Write out what you wish for this holiday season. Then place it in your sacred space, ideally in a spot where you’ll see it throughout your day. Next, I want you to do something in honor of that miracle by creating a surprise miracle for another person. For example, you might do something special such as leave a loving note on a strangers car or put up some surprise holiday decorations at a neighbors house. You might even buy a little holiday tree or angel figure for someone who is celebrating the season alone. Remember, what you give out comes back.

Early Afternoon

Afternoon Mind Journey: The Transformation

After lunch, please do The Transformation Mind Journey in your Sacred Space. With your loved one holding your hand, you’ll soon journey into a magical arena where you’ll rest and re-energize in the most miraculous way. The powerful Archangels even come to join you and help you in all areas. You’re sorrows will be healed, you’ll release negative energy, and much more.


Connecting through Color
Take two blank pieces of paper. One is to work with and the other is to receive with. Now select a crayon, magic marker or coloring pen which resonates with you. When deciding on the color you feel comfortable using, set an intention that with this color, it is a vibration which will open up your awareness doorway to communication with the Spirit world. Let yourself color the paper now, paying attention to how each stroke changes the paper in presentation, form and feel. With each stroke of the hand you are opening up your doorway above your head (a part of your mind) which is connected with the Spirit World. As your paper becomes fuller, be aware of how the density of the energy shifts around the top of your head to the right side and then to the left. What feels different? As you continue to color, you send out thoughts to invite the higher beings who are invested in you, to make themselves known through blending their thoughts with yours, sharing words or symbols. When you feel that the color page is complete and you are now open to the “spirit connection,” take the blank page and let the spirit world write messages to you that are specific to your needs and wants.

Let the Light Live On
Get a special candle in a loved one’s memory to help their light continue. Or, use it as a way to honor your own inner light. Light this candle and sit quietly as you watch the flame. Candle gazing is a wonderful tool for tapping into guidance. Note any insights and messages you receive and write them down in your journal.

The Gift
Create a “mindfulness” gift for someone made personally from you. The idea behind this is that the receiver will have a shift of awareness by what you created for them.

Holiday Exercise:

Create a New Holiday Tradition
Create a brand new holiday tradition that resonates with YOUR soul. For example, you might volunteer at a homeless shelter, take a special hike where you write a letter to Spirit at the top of the mountain, make a snowman, watch a movie that always makes you feel good. This will be YOUR tradition. It’s sacred to your soul.

Early Evening

Evening Mind Journey: The Reunion

Now, you’ll enter a brilliant house, which is infused with important messages to help you on your human journey. Each room, all the furniture, and the decorations were created for your awareness by your loved ones and spirit guides. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a reunion table, where you’ll sit and connect even more deeply with spirit.


Spirit Symbols
Create a column of items which are personal symbols for you to bring the Spirit world closer. Some of symbols may be a key, a butterfly, a rose, a feather, a triangle, etc.… These symbols are specific to your communication with them. Go to each key and write down your first impression of which spirit or angel is connected with that specific symbol. You are giving your guides, angels and loved one’s material for them to use that you will know when they are with you and impressing you. This list will eventually expand and the more you use this list on a daily basis, you begin to become much more aware of their presence and how they will work with you.

Write a Thank You Note to Spirit
Take some time to write thank you notes to your loved one and your spirit guides. Ideally, you’ll want to create cards for each one. Thank them for coming to you during this special day, talk about your favorite parts of the day and what you have learned which you didn’t know before. Talk about any new understandings you have about your relationship with them. And, thank them for all the gifts they have given you throughout your life.

Holiday Exercise:

The Honoring
As an honor to someone who passed, contact someone in their life they did not have a chance to say goodbye to. Wish that person a happy holiday, share a memory with them, and then ask them to tell you a story you may not have known about your loved one.

Before Bedtime

Bedtime Mind Journey: Bedtime Story

You’ll complete your special heavenly day with a special bedtime story. With me as your gentle guide, you’ll fall asleep to a story that will rekindle your divine fire and help you tap into the everlasting spirit within you.



Take some time to journal about your experience today. What did you learn? What surprised you most?

Congrats on completing your special day! Remember, even though this day is over, your loved one is always with you.

With Love and Gratitude,