7 Day Energy Cleanse

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Welcome to the 7-Day Energy Cleanse! In this one-of-a-kind course, you’ll release what’s weighing you down so you can feel happy and whole again! Each day starting today, you’ll receive a new video exercise from me, James Van Praagh, to help you let go of negative energy and thought forms, cleanse your emotions, heal old …

Love Council

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The Love CouncilDear Friend, Welcome! I’m so honored to be here with you. In this special seminar, I channel insights from my Council of guides.These glorious Spirits are here to impart profound insights to help you live in the vibration of love. As a “mental medium,” I’m often “overshadowed” or influenced by the communicators who …

Psychic Portals

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Psychic PortalsWelcome Welcome to Psychic Portals! Congratulations on taking this life-changing step for yourself. This is the ultimate training program that shows you how to tap into your intuition, receive clearer psychic insights, and unleash your mediumistic potential. I’ll take you on a fun and insightful journey into each of your psychic portals. Please read …

Bringing Heaven Home


Bringing Heaven Home An Online Course with James Van Praagh Dear Friends, Welcome to Bringing Heaven Home, the illuminating online course with me, James Van Praagh! I’m so thrilled to have you taking this course. I designed this course to help you reunite with the loved ones you miss most and to help you heal from …

Soul Discoveries – Meditation Program


Soul Discoveries - Meditation Program SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR COMPLETE LESSON LIST Click on a lesson and start taking your course! Due to many requests, I have set up an official Student Facebook page for the JVP School of Mystical Arts. Click Here To "Like" The PageThis is a place for ...

A Day in the Spirit World


A Day in the Spirit WorldSCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR COMPLETE LESSON LIST Click on a lesson and start taking your course!  A Day in the Spirit World