Activate Your Inner Medium Webcast

Activate Your Inner Medium

A Special Webcast
with Master Medium James Van Praagh

Get all the details about Mediumship Level II

Hi Friend, I hope you enjoyed the webcast!

If you're feeling called to take things even deeper, I'd love to mentor you even further inside The JVP Mediumship Certification Level II.

This graduate certification course is an unprecedented experience.

It propels you into an entirely new realm as a medium. In Level 2, you'll strengthen your ability to bring through clear, powerful messages and set the stage for greater business success.

Best of all, we'll have more one-on-one contact! As part of Level 2, we have monthly group coaching calls over video. You're also invited to an exclusive workshop in Encinitas, CA, where I'll personally work with you. Plus, this course runs for a full SIX MONTHS!

And... you get to be part of a student development circle! I know so many of you have been trying to find a development circle. Well, here it is! As part of Mediumship 2, we separate students into small development groups who meet each week online to work on building connection with the Other Side.

There's so much to this Level 2 course... 6 months of in-depth training, over 60 training videos, a library of meditations, a private Facebook group....

I could talk about it for hours!

Our recent Mediumship II graduates LOVED this course. In fact, we have so many testimonial videos, we couldn't fit them all on the website.

Here's the full graduate curriculum.

There are also several awesome bonus gifts I've included for you.

When you enroll by February 22, you'll also get an EXCLUSIVE Bonus...

A reading with me! You'll get to join a group reading call on March 19 at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET. During the call, each participant gets to ask me a psychic or mediumship question.

Plus, you'll receive...

Bonus Gift #2: Master Meditation Online Course
Meditating regularly is absolutely crucial to your development as a medium. In this 8-week course, you’ll start or deepen your meditation practice as well as enhance your connection with your higher self and the Other Side.

Bonus Gift #3: The Life After Loss Online Course
As soon as you enroll, you will receive Life After Loss, my renowned course for healing grief. I wanted to give this to you because it will help you build a healing connection with your clients, which is essential if you want to make a difference.

Bonus #4: An Evening of Spirit: Goodbye is Not Forever:
In this special video workshop, you’ll experience the fascinating process of mediumship in action. As you watch me share mediumship messages, your feelings about death – and life – will forever change. You’ll be deeply comforted in the knowledge that loved ones who have passed are always with you. And you’ll know without a doubt that goodbye is not forever.

If you're feeling called to join us, now is the time.

Doors officially close on March 4. After that, Mediumship II will NOT be available again until next year.

Go here to save your spot now -- you must enroll now to get the bonus reading!

I'd be so honored to help you take your mediumship to the next level.

Love, James